March 24, 2015

Barbie Pink

Wearing: Zara top | Asos skirt | B Brian Atwood sandals

Posting my last outfit post with Brown hair. Yep, I dyed my hair Black. ( you can check it out here) I love how healthy it feels and the shine on my hair is amazing.  I know you usually go lighter for Summer, but I don't care. I am not following rules.

By the way I have been posting less, because I am finally getting back to decorating our home. After Gavin, Kevin and I put pretty much everything on hold. So now we're on the hunt for new furniture and new decor. Can't wait to show you guys!
 photo xo1.png

March 16, 2015

Brown Locks

Wearing: Kai-aakmann jacket | Levi's jeans | Vanessa Mooney choker | Celine sandals

Many of you are curious about my hair color and probably think I get it professionally done, but it's all me. I use L'oreal Preference in UL63. It has been my favorite color for quite some time, but now I've been thinking about dying it Black, but I'm scared because I know that at some point I will want it Brown again, and that will be hard to do. Been there, done that. Anyway, now you know about my magic Brown. :-)
 photo xo1.png