September 22, 2014


 Boots, scarves, hats, oversized sweaters,  Fall is here! I always get excited for Fall. I love bundling up and feeling cozy, but Fall is not only about warm knits, it's also going from that Summer bubble gum pink nail polish to that Mauve shade.  A few days ago I visited Julep and fell in love with all their colors. In this post I am wearing Josephine, It's like a grayish green. So if you love it, you can shop for it at and why not create your own little style board!
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September 19, 2014


Wearing: Topshop jacket | Asos tee | Levis jeans | Alexander Wang mules

In my previous post I shared that I lost 5 pounds and this morning I received an email from a so called Nadine telling me : " I think it's hilarious that you're so happy because you lost 5 pounds. Girl you got at least 40 pounds to go to lose all that fat. Just telling you what others don't have the courage to tell you." 

When I tried to reply to this individual the email no longer existed. Talk about a punk bitch. I admire so much more when you can share your opinion without hiding. Shows you got cojones. However, my message remains the same, IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, KEEP IT MOVING. DO NOT MY VISIT FAT ASS.

 First it started out with known bloggers leaving stupid comments on my blog and now the emails. So many of you claim that as women we should support one another and yet you're the same ones doing this same immature bullshit.

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