Wearing: Free People beret | Zara turtleneck (shop turtlenecks here) | Zara Jeans (shop similar jeans here) | French Connection Coat (similar coats here) | Prada booties (shop black booties)

So here I am, once again wearing a beret, but to my defense it's a different color. 

Anyway, enough about berets. 
Happy Valentine's Day!



February is finally here, and now I can't wait for Spring! I know, we all feel this way every year. First, we get excited for Fall, then Winter comes, and we just want warm temperatures again. I'm tired of layering. I just want to wear basic tees, cropped jeans and mules.
I love this look. It's so effortlessly put together. (found on Pinterest)
1.6397 | 2. Wildfox | 3. Free People | 4. The Fifth Label | 5. English Factory | 6. Moschino
I love these t-shirts ! You can shop these t-shirts here

 1. Blank denim | 2. Joes Jeans | 3. Agolde |  4. Levis | 5. Levis | 6. DL1961
These cropped jeans are a must have. If you don't have a pair,  you better get one now, better yet get two pairs! Shop cropped jeans here.

Last Summer I got a Black pair of these Jeffrey Campbell mules. They were my "go to" sandals and I wore them almost every day. This year I'm already crazy about them. I mean, how beautiful is that Red pair and the beaded one! Must have! 
Shop Jeffrey Campbell sandals here.




Wearing: Madewell Jacket (more biker jackets here), J.Crew Turtleneck, Zara Culottes (shop culottes here), Sam Edelman pumps (similar pair here and here)

Finally a beautiful day. It feels like Spring! Perfect day for a leather jacket. Kinda hard to believe that tomorrow we will be having a snow storm. So close, yet so far. 



 Wearing: Zara Beret (Shop similar berets here), H&M Blouse, Levis Jeans (shop them here), old Chloe pumps, (similar here and here)

Yep, I'm wearing my Navy beret again. I've become slightly obsessed with it and even though Spring is around the corner, I've purchased two more.



Wearing: Zara coat, Denim jacket under, J.Crew Turtleneck, Levis jeans, Zara beret, J.Crew flats



Wearing: French Connection coat, J.Crew turtleneck, Madewell belt, Levis jeans, Zara pumps

This is what I wore on Sunday, when I got engaged! Can you see? I'm all smiles! Anyway, Thank you guys so much for the love. I am so happy I was able to share this beautiful moment with all of you. 



On 2011, October 29th my best friend convinced me to go to a Halloween party in Brooklyn that I wanted no part of. There was snow, rain, sleet, the weather was nasty. I just wanted to stay home, but I went anyway. That's the day I met Kevin. I won't say the spark was instant because I was pretty drunk. (don't judge) But the next day we talked on the phone for hours, then planned our first date. 

By the end of our first date, I knew he was the one. I know it sounds cheesy and cliche, but I really knew he was the one. I could see it in his eyes that he felt the same way I felt. The way he looked at me, it was the way no other man had ever looked at me before. It was pure, sincere love and I had God to thank for it. I truly believe he planned it all for us and every day I am grateful for our love and our little Family. 

l'll cut to the chase now. Yesterday I wanted to I wanted to go to Madewell to exchange a sweater. He suggested we go to New York, since it's been a while since we've been. I didn't think anything of it. I was just happy, because I love going to NYC! But then I noticed the sign "Welcome to Brooklyn" I said to him "wait, we're in Brooklyn?" He says "Yea, I got off the wrong exit, maybe we can just stop here for photos" That sounded like a good idea to me, so I got on my phone and went through my Instagram feed. 

A few minutes later we stop, find parking, and we take a about a 5 minutes walk, while I'm just looking around scouting a location for photos. Then we stop in front of this huge building with huge wooden doors. "Why are we stopping?" I asked. He says "Do you remember this building?" I said "No" He says "This is where we first met, at the Halloween party" I immediately get teary eyed and say "Oh my gosh, this is so sweet" I hug him tight and kiss him while thinking, "this is such a sweet gesture" Our day could've ended like this and I would've been happy, because I am a hopeless romantic. 

But then, he suddenly gets choked up "Delmy, I love you so much, You are the love of my life, (he reaches inside his coat pocket, get's down on one knee) Will you be my wife?" "OH MY GOSH!! I yelled. "Of course I'll be your wife! We're both crying. Gavin then asks "what's going on? I say "Mommys getting married!" He says with his arms up "Mommys getting married!" Kevin slips the ring on me and its perfect. It's exactly what I envisioned. I always said I don't guady rings. I like simple and classic. I was in love all over again! People were walking by smiling and I was still in shock. Well, planned My Love. We spent the whole day looking at each other with love. Every time we made eye contact we smiled at each other. Kevin, thank you for loving me the way you do. I cannot wait to join my life with you. To be continued...



Wearing: Zara Turtleneck | Zara jumpsuit | J.crew flats

With Gavin going to school now, I may just have the weekends to shoot and to actually dress up.
When I wake up all I want to do is stay in my pajamas and take Gavin to school, but since I don't want the "Mom Club" looking at me crazy, I throw on some tights or sweats, baggy sweatshirt, and sneakers and I'm good to go. By the time I get home, all I want to do is curl up in my bed and think of how Gavin is doing in school.  

P.S I just want to thank everyone including the IG Mom community for helping with this journey. Reading about all your experiences and knowing that IT DOES get better has helped me. Really. Thank you!



Wearing: J.Crew sweater, Levis Jeans, Michael Kors boots

It has been almost a month since my last post...sorry about that! Holidays had me and the fam going loco, but Christmas was fun because Gavin was finally into opening gifts this year. It was such a joy to see him excited about his toys. Santa wasn't too bad with me either. I got a lot of goodies including my new Sigma camera lens. Thank you babe!

But on another note, something I am super nervous and happy about...Gavin starts school tomorrow! AHH! I am so excited for this new journey, but I am nervous and sad. I know he will be fine, but the thought of him looking around the classroom and asking for me truly breaks my heart. He will be going for just half a day so it won't be so bad right? Mama needs baby steps. 

You guys can follow my Instagram Stories. I am sure I will be posting a lot of how I will be feeling tomorrow. I will need all the mamas support!


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