December 18, 2014


Elisa & Lily from StyleLikeU have created a movement for self- acceptance and I am joining them and so should you. Haven't you at some point felt you weren't good enough? I know I have. 

Growing up I was teased about my body. I was too skinny and flat chested or I was too tall. In my late teens I developed the curves I got from my momma. Then I was too fat. Still today, I am making someone mad about my body. Do I care? No. Because I believe those people that leave such negative comments are nothing but bullies and miserable people. The only thing that matters is that YOU love your body. You don't need acceptance from anyone but yourself. So love your Skinny, Curvy, Plus Size, Stretch, Cellulite body. Wear what you want to wear. Be who you want to be. You are beautiful are you are.
Join the movement by spreading the word on Instagram #IAMWHATSUNDERNEATH and/or donate here to support this amazing thing Elisa and Lily are doing.  Hip Hip Hooray!

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December 17, 2014


 I had a little time to go through the things that don't fit me anymore. So hopefully you will help me get rid of them. No sense in keeping them when someone else can get a lot of use of them. 

So to start off here is this WAREHOUSE faux fur coat I got from Asos. Wore it a couple times and it's in great condition. Size US M | $100
J.crew Pink Wool Cashmere Coat | Size US 8 | Great condition | $230
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals | Size US 8 | Good condition, minor scuff (shown in picture) | $150
Stella McCartney Sandals | Size US 8 | Good condition | $260 
Christian Louboutin Nude Crosspiga pumps | Size US 8.5 | Great condition, only small scuff behind the heel on the left shoe, shoe repair might be able to fix them. I love these shoes so much, but sadly my new feet don't fit into them. | Selling them for $340 
 That's all for now. Email me at if interested.

 photo xo1.png