Living In My New Shoes


Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.

By the way I cut my hair. I had to get rid of bad ends. I hate them!!

Wearing: Lux Sweatshirt, AA Skirt, Target tights, Streets Ahead Belt, Colin Stuart Shoes

Purple Lips


I'm finally home. I had such a long day. From last minute gifts for my niece to the hospital. OH OH! AND I almost fell on my ass today. It's so icy out here. I envy those in warm weather. Anyway, I love experimenting with lip color, so I picked up a purple lipstick from Sephora. I got a decent amount of compliments. I love it!

Back to Update


Hey, Sorry for neglecting my blog. As you guys read in my last post I have a close family member in the hospital. Things are getting a little better, but he's still not discharged. I want to thank all of you for the best wishes. It means a lot to know that you just don't comment at my wardrobe pictures. You guys are the best. Now on another note. I've been sick for the past three days. I have everything you can think of. Fever, headache, earache, sore throat, cough. I really feel like SH*T. I leave you now with what I wore about a week ago. Thanks again! XOXO

Wearing: Lux skirt & tights, Express T-shirt, Boutique boots.

Say I Love You.


Today is not a good day for me. I didn't sleep at all and I'm very tired. I seriously look as if someone punched me. I cried for like & hours and I look nothing pretty. A close member of my family was hit by a car and is in bad condition in the hospital. He always gets home at 8pm and he never got home. I ended up receiving a phone call from the hospital at 5:30am. Just imagine the crazy thoughts that were going through my head. You see things like this all the time on TV and you always think they won't happen to you. If something worse would have happened, I never would have forgiven myself. This has opened my eyes. Do not let the days pass you by without telling your parents or siblings how you feel. At least a simple-I love you or a hug. You never know what can happen. I'm on my way to the hospital now. Have a great weekend.

I want a new Laptop!


I hate my laptop. I feel my laptop is too big and heavy. Now I'm looking for a smaller laptop to make my traveling less cumbersome. Especially when I have to go through airport security. Maybe you can recommend me one that is good and that has worked for you. Then I can give this to my niece Catherine. She's been bugging for one. By the way If you have something in mind for me to post, just let me know. I will do my best to do so.

Wearing: Men Gap Shirt, Vintage Skirt, Prada Boots, BB watch

Sweatshirt Into Dress


I recently bought this sweatshirt from Express. I had planned to wear it with my cheetah Lame leggings and some crazy high platform heels, but the minute I put it on I adored the way it worked as a dress. So I decided to keep it that way. Maybe next time I'll try it with the leggings.


Wearing: Express Sweatshirt and Multi strand Necklace, UO hat, Boutique 9 Boots, Burberry watch.

Chunky Sweater


I am still in Kansas City and it is freezing! In fact I believe it is suppose to snow today.
(thinking of fun pictures in the snow). Anyway, I only packed one sweater in my luggage.
I did not think it would be this cold. About a week ago I ordered this chunky black sweater from Victoria's Secret. (wish they sold the clothes in stores) I love it! Its so warm and cozy and I love that it has pockets! I plan to buy another color. XOXO

Wearing: VS Black Sweater, UO lace tights, Express Knit Skirt, Sam Edelman Booties.

80's Closet


So as I said in my last post. My sister and I were reminiscing about 80's fashion. I asked her if she had any clothes left since she had given most of it away. She thought so and went up to her room to check and well this is all she had. Some are funny,but some I can definitely work into today's fashion. I felt I was part of Garibaldi. (A Hispanic pop group) or I could of played Napoleon's interest on Napoleon Dynamite movie with the puff sleeves. Anyway, these are the pictures. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoyed playing dress up. XOXO

Loving My Denim


I had a denim shirt when I was about 14 years old. It was a Men shirt, since at that age I only shopped in the men section. I was the girl always in baggy clothes. Anyway I wore the hell out of it. Never thought I would wear it again. And now here I am...rocking the shirt again and thank god it fits. Although I don't remember it being so fitted. I still love it!

By the way I did not cut my hair. I simply wrapped it in a bun.

Wearing: OLD Gap denim shirt, Lux Black Jeans, Streets Ahead Belt, Boutique 9 Boots

Me? Cold? NO WAY!


Do I look cold? I sure was. Between each shot I jumped up and down to keep warm. lol -Couple of people looked at me like I was a nut. Taking the pictures indoors didn't quite capture the true color of the scarf. It was coming out more on the purple side. I was dying for a royal blue scarf. It wasn't hard to find, I simply never went the extra mile to get it. But I'm happy now and warmer!

Wearing: My Favorite Express Blazer, Joie Pants, H&M Blouse, UO Scarf, Colin Stuart Pumps

Easy Gray


I really didn't feel like ironing today. I threw the most easiest things to wear. My free wrinkle grays! (whatever that means). On another note its so funny when I'm walking down the street on my 4 inch heels and everyone is looking up at me. I feel like Snow White and not 7, but ALL the dwarfs. I remember when I use to be self-conscious about my height. I wore flats EVERYDAY. All my friends are shorter than me and I always wanted to be like them. I don't care about it anymore. I embrace it as should everyone. We are ALL BEAUTIFUL! Cheesy, but true. Now I wear it ALL! Well, not like Victoria Beckham or I'll be falling down on my face and then I won't posting anymore because I'd missing my two front teeth. (I'm Stupid) Anyway, Enjoy your Weekend and thanks for the comments!! XOXO

Wearing: H&M Blazer, Vintage Tee, Lux Jeans, Boutique 9 Boots,
Burberry Watch

Back To My Roots


Some of you might notice that my hair is much darker now. Yesterday I dyed my hair Dark Brown. (It looks black) I had highlights for the summer, but I got bored of them and so I decided to go back to my roots. It looks so much healthier now. Now I'm thinking about cutting it, but everyone keeps telling me not to. I'm always messing around with my hair and I get bored easily. AHHH I DON'T KNOW! You guys tell me... :-D

Anyway, I am in Kansas City, MO now staying with family. Decided to come down for Thanksgiving. It is FREEZING! I am shivering as I type. I need gloves!

Wearing: Lux floral skirt, AA T-shirt, Sam Edelman peep toe Booties.

Currently Craving


Every now and then I go to and other sites to check out what new. And of course now I found more items that I LOVE & WANT!
When don't I want something anyway? O:-)

1. Beckerman Fringe Skirt
2. Farylrobin Aniston Wedge Bootie
3. Antik Batik Juddy Small Bag
4. Whitley Kros Regent Jacket

Minnie Mouse


As most of you know I was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.
So many kids were thrilled to see me. I felt like I was in Disney world. Only with a couple of monsters on each corner lol. I took my niece out for trick or treating. She was Belle from Beauty and The Beast. She looked adorable! I really didn't do much. I was home early, but I had my little fun. Enjoy the pics! XOXO


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