I Want!


Searching for a coat I found this amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim Skirt. Many of you might not like it, but I love it. I already have a mental picture of the ensemble. The ruffles are adorable. The price isn't. :-(

Have a HFW!


Today was a sucky day for me and having a pounding headache right now does not help either. Thank you all for the comments. I appreciate them.
Have a Happy Fashionable Weekend! XOXO

Wearing: H&M Shirt, AA Skirt, DKNY Tights, Boutique 9 Boots

Red She Said


I was checking out MAC's "Red She Said" Collection.
I love the shimmery smokey eye and the red lips.
Though I don't have enough confidence to walk
outside like this, I still gave it a try.
Did I make MAC proud? XOXO

Maya Obsessions


So these are the items I currently have my eye on. The Max Studio brown booties and the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is a NEED. The rest are WANTS. Hopefully they can make it to my closet soon. XOXO

Shopping For Black clothes


I may be starting advanced makeup classes soon for
airbrushing and black attire is MANDATORY. So
Saturday, I went shopping for black clothes.
Of course first I wandered around bright colors, but
eventually found a pair of pocket black leggings and
some tees. Here I am in the fitting room waiting for
another size because the size 26 was too BIG. So what
did I do? Pulled out my camera and started posing! XOXO

Shirt, Lux; Jeans, Cheap Monday; Sneakers, Chanel; Rayban sunglasses

Amor: Givenchy


GIVENCHY. A collection I am loving right now.

Erin Wasson


After browsing and browsing and thinking why do bad things happen to good people? Like moi! I found these amazing pictures online of Erin Wasson at the screening of Filth & Wisdom. She is always so natural and effortlessly stylish. Love her! XOXO

Fall Florals


TopShop Faves


Here's my TopShop favorites. If by any chance you happen to have any of these items or anything similar. E-mail me at and show me how you wore them. I'll post them here. Enjoy! XOXO

Hey guys!


Sorry I have not posted anything. I was away, but now I'm back!
I look like a tomato. Bad sun burn. I'll be posting pictures soon.
Thanks for stopping by! XOXO


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