Have a HFW!


Today was a sucky day for me and having a pounding headache right now does not help either. Thank you all for the comments. I appreciate them.
Have a Happy Fashionable Weekend! XOXO

Wearing: H&M Shirt, AA Skirt, DKNY Tights, Boutique 9 Boots


  1. you look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! The shirt is wonderful and the whole outfit looks so relaxed and pretty. I love the tights and the boots and it all just fits perfectly!

    very beautiful!
    Hope you have been well this past week! xoxo

  2. This plaid shirt is from H&M?I love it and want it!!!!!I like the entire outfit a lot.

  3. Thanks for yuor comment girl!!!!!!! I love your blog as well!!!! stay tunned, Ill do the same :)

  4. The plaid looks great! Love those boots..


  5. You look so beautiful here, I LOVE those boots!

    I hope you had a lovely weekend. :)

  6. Wow your outfit is great !!! I love your shirt !
    thanks for your comment, and for adding me to your blogroll (I've just saw it a second ago !)

  7. hope you feel well honey! :) love the boots and the plaid. :)
    thanks for the lovely comment on the blog.
    hope to see you around!

  8. Love the outfit! Especially the boots. You look great dear :)

  9. Hey! I didnt get the dotted dress, It was gorgeous but it looked really weird on, unfortunately :(

  10. i love your great look and hot way to look at the camera !! cute chick

  11. i love that plaid! the colors look so great on you darling!

    La C

  12. Fantastic outfit, I'm loving the plaid and of course, the boots!
    You look gorgeous...

  13. Maya, you're such a beaut! I swear, I envy you!!
    Hope your days go better. :)

    Much love and bessitos!

  14. Love your outfit! Knowin me I love plaid button ups, theyre so easy to put together.

  15. Omg thank you so much for your comment, I visited your blog and just adore it.
    You have wonderful style and taste and you are gorgeous!!! I just love your boots in this outfit, and naturally the skirt is AA they have wonderful basics.
    Adding you to my blog list!


  16. i am so in love with this outfit! that top from HM is the perfect flannel too! Just found your blog and I love it! Thank you for the comments :) You are going on my blogroll! :)


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