October 20, 2008

Shopping For Black clothes

I may be starting advanced makeup classes soon for
airbrushing and black attire is MANDATORY. So
Saturday, I went shopping for black clothes.
Of course first I wandered around bright colors, but
eventually found a pair of pocket black leggings and
some tees. Here I am in the fitting room waiting for
another size because the size 26 was too BIG. So what
did I do? Pulled out my camera and started posing! XOXO

Shirt, Lux; Jeans, Cheap Monday; Sneakers, Chanel; Rayban sunglasses


Miss Karen said...

Ohh I have so much hair envy right now - you look just like Cat Power here!

And I love your outfit too - so effortlessly stylish :)

Nina said...

hi! thanks for visiting my site. are u a make-up artist? how cool...i've always want to take cosmetology classes.

Anabel said...

oh you look so pretty!!!

26 too big???!!!!

oh btw, I'm absolutly in love with your blog's title hahahaha!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

omg I want those shoes.

Savvy Mode SG said...

now i wish i have long hair again.

Celly Annabelle said...

Haha, thanks Maya.

No wonder you deleted your myspaz! I was hoping it wasn't over drama like you've mentioned before. How's your hand, btw?

I get you on FOTDs - I enjoyed yours most because you keep things simple yet it's bold. Me gusta :] But, yeah - your fit is so cute!
If I had a style, I'd follow it like yours...

Take care and good luck with school!

valerie said...

great hair! not many people can pull off those bangs, but you do it well.

Jillian said...

very cute outfit! the sneakers are awesome!

cassandre. said...

Love those shoes!! Any info on them??