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Some of you might notice that my hair is much darker now. Yesterday I dyed my hair Dark Brown. (It looks black) I had highlights for the summer, but I got bored of them and so I decided to go back to my roots. It looks so much healthier now. Now I'm thinking about cutting it, but everyone keeps telling me not to. I'm always messing around with my hair and I get bored easily. AHHH I DON'T KNOW! You guys tell me... :-D

Anyway, I am in Kansas City, MO now staying with family. Decided to come down for Thanksgiving. It is FREEZING! I am shivering as I type. I need gloves!

Wearing: Lux floral skirt, AA T-shirt, Sam Edelman peep toe Booties.


  1. A) I say you chop it off.
    B) I'm with you about the getting bored easily with your hair thing.
    C) You have really lovely legs.
    D) Love your shoes. Very Givenchy-ish kinda.

  2. Love everything about this whole look. That lipstick colour is stunning, girl you have the best skin omg.

  3. I really really love your long hair - it makes me wish I still had mine! BUT it can always grow back so if you want a cut I say go for it!

    And your make up is stunning as always!

  4. ohh this outfit is adorable. i'm sooo in love with the skirt, i am obsessing with florals at the moment and those shoes are gorgeous too :)

  5. OMG you are gorgeous! I love ur dark dark hair! i've always had a thing for dark hair and it looks amazing on u. and your outfit is to die for.

    I love coming to your page gives me tons of ideas!



  6. i love that skirt. and i think your hair looks great either way. for the cutting part...i would say no because I'm really jealous of your hair and i think it looks great!

  7. oh and would you like to trade links! :D

  8. you have such amazing hair, im so jealous of that! it looks good.

    rihanna shoes! haha. they remind me of her.

  9. I vote keep it long, it looks amazing! And I cut my hair a few months ago and now want it all back :(
    I have a question - how do you get a blog roll on the side of your page? I've been trying for ages!

  10. BEST HAIR ever! It doesn't look dyed?
    you lucky thing
    I love your skirt and boots too, so amazing with the perforation

  11. hi. just discovered your blog and loved that first picture. It's really beautiful.
    How do you draw such a perfect line in the lips?
    I've tried and I just can´t do it.

  12. Curly Dreams: I don't use lip liner. I just follow my line with the lipstick or lip gloss wand.

    Dana: Thank you so much! I think I won't be cutting it.

  13. wow those shoes are amazing maya. :) and love your hair darker. ;)

  14. Maya you are flawless in these pics. That skirt is super cute! I say DONT cut your hair, but thats cause I'm growing mine.HA, Have a good weekend lovely.


  15. I love your red lips!!

  16. i was just thinking how luscious your hair was.


  17. you are one in few people who can pull off the red lip amazingly.

    & i love that skirt!

    La C

  18. Love your lipstick! And I like your hair like that too but you could rock it short too!

  19. aww thank you sweetie! and WOW WOW WOW i LOVE this look, everything about it, from your hair, makeup, outfit, to shoes! stunning

  20. Love your skirt and those boots are heaven, I've been searching for a pair like that but it is hard in Aus at the moment because it is nearly Summer...

    Love this entire look.

  21. Those pictures are seriously great!
    The red lips are just stuning and perfectly done. The boots are hust the best, and the skirt reminds me of that Balenciaga floral print. <3

  22. I like so much your skirt !
    You have such beautiful hair, I think it would be a mistake if you cut it !
    I love the way you make up yourself !

  23. You look gorgeous with red lips

  24. you have gorgeous glowing skin.
    Don't cut your hair!!

  25. Your skirt and you bootie are awesome!!!

  26. I think I speak for most guys when I say don't cut your hair and stay away from the highlights. I think girls appreciate short hair and highlights but guys don't.

  27. ur niece is so good at taking these lovely pictures i thought a real actual phtagrapher took these pictures u should keep her as ur phitographer and by the way ur outfits r cute i give u a e and an g for really good


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