There You Are!


I can't believe I had forgotten about my red sandals. Last time I wore them was back in April. ( I think) Now I remember how much I love them. Thanks for all the love! Have a great weekend! I'll try to stay away from the mosquito's. Those suckers keep attacking me!

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BDG Tee, Zara Olive Skirt, JSimpson Sandals.

My Little Nugget


My niece Aime makes another appearance...

By the way I was tagged by the sweet Janet Taylor to list 10 interesting things about me.
Hope you find them interesting...haha... I tag anyone that wants to do it!

I love Thousand Island dressing.
2. I add A1 steak sauce on almost everything.
3. Love doing make overs on random people.
4. Love scary movies.
5. I cut my own hair.
6. Though I am not ready now, I can't wait to become a mom.
7. I hate arguing. Can't we all just get along?
8. Love cooking for my loved ones.
9. I love when my family gets together. So fun! We're like a mob.
10. Lastly, I have the best man in the world. My suga!

Sparky + Me


My sister just got a dog. His name is Sparky. He is adorable and cant stay away from my feet. lol As you can see we're both sporting the fringe... haha...I know I said I would get bangs until my hair grew a little longer, but as always I got a little anxious and I chopped away!

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Zara white blazer, Mickey Mouse vintage Tee, H&M Pants, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Hobo clutch

I long for you


I thought having short hair would be easier to handle, but its very high maintenance.
I miss my long hair now. I am waiting until its shoulder length, then I plan to cut some bangs
like Zooey Deschanel.

BDG Tee, Zara denim vest, F21 floral skirt, Chie Mihara sandals



As the days go by I'm becoming to realize that what I thought was real was more of a fantasy.

A day at the beach. Much needed!

H&M floral jacket, AA bodysuit, Aqua skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Wedges

I Smile


Mmmm....I just finished eating fried chicken cutlets with mash potatoes and corn. Yesterday I decided to get out the house and just enjoy the beautiful weather. I had no plans in getting all dressed up. I kinda just wanted to wear my simple white casual dress,but I was too lazy to iron. I ended up wearing my acid wash skinny jeans which I regretted so much. It was so hot. They literally felt glued to my skin. Very uncomfortable. I was so jealous of all the girls in shorts.

But here's when it gets good. I left my house in my metallic flats and ended up with some
black suede studded wedges that I just had to get at a boutique. (can't remember the name)

I walked out with them on and with a smile on my face. Good times... I remember someone leaving me a comment saying that shopping can sometimes make you feel better...Well guess what? It did.

I'm gonna smile because I deserve to

Exp sheer pink pocket tee, BDG acid wash skinny jeans, MJ quilted handbag, Poetic License metallic cheetah sandals- Jeffrey Campbell suede studded wedges, Rayban Cat eye sunnies

End of the Road


With lies you may go ahead in the world, but you can never go back...

Thank you all for your kind words.

Zara DIY blazer, F21 Lace tank, Topshop Boyfriend jeans, MKors Sandals.

Human Nature


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Dark green AA bodysuit, Lux skirt, Aldo flat patent oxfords, MarcbyMJ watch, MAC Red Lipstick, OPI (Done Out In Deco) lilac nail polish.

Beautiful Disaster


Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.
Happy Independence Day!

F21 double breasted blazer, Express Tee, H&M Lightweight denim, Colin Stuart yellow sandals, MarcbyMJ Watch.


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