It's My Day!


How nice it is to wake up with morning breath and have the bf wake you up with a birthday cake. Sucks that I am a bit sick, but that wont stop me from feeling extremely happy and blessed to have my loved ones with me. So Happy Birthday to ME! :-D

These photos were taken not too long ago. As you can see I have the "I just woke up" face. Had to throw on my fun glasses to feel festive at 8am. Thanks so much for the wishes!

Also a BIG thanks to Linda from Struggles of a Creative Mind for creating this sketch for me as my birthday gift...Thanks Doll!!

Good Times


These photos were taken ab a month ago in Kansas City. I was too busy mingling with the family that I never got the chance to post them. Oh how I miss my family. By the way my hair is growing pretty fast. I can't see my neck tattoo anymore! By Christmas it should be down to my shoulders! Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but the thought of it makes me happy. One More thing...Monday is my Birthday AHH..... Have a great weekend!

First & Second Photo: BDG (DYI) cut off tee, Forever21 Tulle skirt, Poetic License sandals
Third Photo: Zara Dress, Calvin Klein Pumps
Fourth Photo: Norma Kamali Tee, Delias Jeans, Dolce Vita strappy sandals
Last Photo: Forever21 tunic blouse, Jbrand Jeans,Calvin Klein Pumps

Beauty Faves


My favorite makeup looks for Fall

Nivea Creme as face moisturizer
L'oreal True Match Foundation

Benefit Concealer
L'oreal Under eye translucent powder
Sephora Liquid Eye Liner

Diorshow by Dior -My one and only favorite Mascara.
People always ask me if I have fake eye lashes on.

Tarte Lip tint

Laura Geller Bronzer

My favorite Eye shadow Palette by Urban Decay

Walkin' Tall Against the Rain


I love it when I find surprises in my e-mail. These drawings are by the talented Dakota Rico from Dakota's Journal. Aren't they lovely? Go now and check out his work! ;-)

Lux Dress, Laura Brandon oxford wedges, UO Bangles, Burberry watch,

She Wolf


There's a She wolf in the closet. Open up and set her free.
There's a She wolf in your closet. Let it out so it can breathe.

So Obviously I love this song, But I have to admit. I had to do a lyric search. I could not make out anything she was saying. Have you guys seen the video? Incredibly sexy!

Ahhh....12 more days till my Birthday! But who's counting? Anyway, this is just some of the things that I would LOVE to receive for my Bday. My mom already said she would get me one of them, but wont tell me which. Ahhh getting older sucks, but I guess it would suck more if I were getting older alone. Thank God I have a fantastic family and man that loves me as much as I love him.
Have a great day! XOXO

AE Denim Shorts, Topshop Laced back Top, BCBGMAXAZRIA Strappy Sandals.

Billie Curls


I usually don't like curly Sue curls, but after watching Public Enemies I was inspired by the women 1930's style. I loved the makeup, the hair and the classy elegant dresses. Granted I'm far from it, but I sure felt like Billie Frechette.

F21 Dress, MKors Sandals, MarcbyMJ watch, Hobo lime green clutch.

I Heart You


If your heart is nowhere in it, I don't want it for a minute.

Lux Tee, F21 Skirt, Dolce Vita Sandals

La Familia


These pictures were taken a couple of days ago. I am still in Kansas City spending time with my family. They're just random pics of me, my nieces and nephew. I love them so much and as they say " You are my favorite Aunt". It doesn't get better than that. :-D By the way Isn't the last picture adorable? Kayden, My little nephew looks like he doesn't want to be bothered. haha.
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.

BDG Leggings, Lux Sweatshirt, JCampbells Wedges
J brand Jeans, F21 Lace top, JC wedges, MarcByMJ Watch


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