I Did My Part


La vida nos da pruebas. Es de nuestras partes que las pasemos.

H&M jacket, American Apparel lace bodysuit, J brand jeans, Colin Stuart

Roll the Credits


Laugh every chance you get. It's the cheapest medicine.

Norma Kamali blazer, Express dress, American Apparel polka dot tights, Louis Vuitton booties (selling them)



I was quite surprised at all the great response I received from my previous post. Thank you so much! Some comments were funny. You guys make me laugh! XO

Check out my interview at Naplestreetstyle.com. It's in Italian and English.

Vintage bone leather jacket, Lux floral tank top, American Apparel Skirt, Colin Stuart booties.

On to The Next One


Do I keep getting lucky or what? Another talented artist made this illustration for me. I love that look retro. You must check out her work at Stylissimo. Also check out a little feature Malu from No soy tan rara did of me. Have a lovely day!

American Eagle leather jacket, Jcrew sweater, Topshop choker, Gap jeans, and Laura & ko boots

Step by Step


So I thought I would be waking up to pouring rain. Thankfully it didn't rain. I was able to get a lot done today. I went to American Apparel and picked up a couple of things. Do buy yourself the thigh high socks. (so warm) I also came across two of my readers. They were so sweet. (By the way if you're reading this send me the photo!) Speaking of photo. Nicole from Nicole Jarecz Fashion Illustration & Design surprised me with a wonderful e-mail. An illustration of me! Check out her blog. Her work is absolutely perfection.



Have a great weekend..New Yorkers enjoy the rain...

Check out my mini interview at We Were Damsels.

BB Dakota tweed blazer, BDG tee, Silence & noise jeans, UO scarf, Aldo pumps

Killer Beat


Nothing much went on today. Just went on the hunt to look for a red ribbon or a red bow headband. Aime (my niece) is going to be snow white and all I need is the headband. I can't believe it's been hard to find one. I don't have any plans for Halloween, but I am still thinking of dressing up to take Aime trick or treating. I'm not sure what to be. Last year I was Minnie Mouse. I may dress up as Sandy Olsson from the movie Grease. Ahh I don't know. Stay tuned...

Topshop cardigan, VS black knit tee, American Apparel skirt, Nine West wedges

Lips Colors Part 1


A lot of you have been asking me to show my lipstick collection. They are too many so I decided to show you six of my favorites. I will do a part II very soon. XO

1. MAC in Rougette
2. MAC in Up the Amp
3. Sephora in Attitude Chic
4. MAC in Photo
5. MAC in Vegas Volt
6. MAC in Pink Nouvea

A Beating Heart


New Tat: Where there is love, there is life.

You can have all the money in the world, but it isn't happiness if you don't have that special someone by your side. The one that's going to be your back bone and support your every choice that makes you smile. The one that's going to make you feel alive and look forward to every single day.

Gap shirt, BDG jeans, Laura Brandon wedges, Marc By Marc Jacobs watch, Marc Jacobs bag, Lipstick is by MAC in Mac Red and RayBan sunnies



I was originally going to wear pumps with this outfit, but I instead I had to wear boots.
I have a bruise on my left ankle that is not very fashion forward. By the way as I was posing for my photos a group of young kids decided to jump in the photo with me. So funny. Everyone was staring. They said wanted to be famous. HAHA. Just one of those days when you're down and then something like this happens and makes you laugh and think about how life is too short to dwell on negativity. By the way I won the La mimi contest!! Woo Hoo!! She was sweet enough to send a gift bag to Natalia from HoneyBunny in Wonderland since we came so close to winning! So congrats to her too! Thanks soo much for the votes and for spreading the word! XOXO

Norma Kamali blazer, American Apparel tee, skirt, Prada lace up boots



A couple of days ago I came across an article about having a healthy loving relationship. Just thought I'd put it out there.

The primary components for a good relationship are: respect, communication, love and trust.
All are essential for a good healthy, wholesome and loving relationship.

know that there are two some for me and some for you.
You shall not be selfish, you shall be selfless.

Learn to let go and forgive.
Let go of your past so you can unlock the blessings of your future.

And most importantly love is not a word, it is an action based on loving things two people do for one another. LOVE is not suppose to hurt.

I am so tired. I have a pounding headache and my feet are killing me from walking so much.
Have a great weekend! XO

I was featured on SiTV:Model Latina. Check it out. :-)

Vote if you haven't. Last day! :-D

Silence & noise blazer, lace forever21 top, Zara trousers, Gap belt, old Enzo shoes, MarcbyMJ bag

Seven Days of Joy

These would be the perfect seven days where I finally wouldn't day " I don't have anything to wear" HAHA...Lies...I probably still would, but these ensembles would make me happy.


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