October 8, 2009


A couple of days ago I came across an article about having a healthy loving relationship. Just thought I'd put it out there.

The primary components for a good relationship are: respect, communication, love and trust.
All are essential for a good healthy, wholesome and loving relationship.

know that there are two some for me and some for you.
You shall not be selfish, you shall be selfless.

Learn to let go and forgive.
Let go of your past so you can unlock the blessings of your future.

And most importantly love is not a word, it is an action based on loving things two people do for one another. LOVE is not suppose to hurt.

I am so tired. I have a pounding headache and my feet are killing me from walking so much.
Have a great weekend! XO

I was featured on SiTV:Model Latina. Check it out. :-)

Vote if you haven't. Last day! :-D

Silence & noise blazer, lace forever21 top, Zara trousers, Gap belt, old Enzo shoes, MarcbyMJ bag


Kimberly said...

Prayers on the way =)

P.S love the blazer

Anonymous said...

is everything ok darling?...this post worries me a bit.

anyway, you look gorgeous!

keep on doing what you do because you do it very well =)

Diana said...

i couldn't agree more, love is about forgiveness, selflessness and respect and above all lots of communication.

i love that blue blazer on you, the whole outfit is amazing. what nail polish color do you have on? and also can you do a vid on this makeup look please?


Fashionista said...

ohhh...blue is my fav.color!!! YOu look cute in this post!!!

Style Porn said...

That blazer is grape-tastic. And I think I'm minorly obsessed with watching your makeup tutorials. Keep 'em coming!

Chloé Mae said...

Great outfit, i'm always a bit afraid of khaki trousers...they remind me of my mom or a uniform, but after seeing this post i will give them a second chance!
thanks for the inspiration :)


J.Yas said...

nice look!:D

Natalie said...

I love ur blazer so much, u look beautiful! :)



Sailesina said...

yo tengo unos pant pero en negro jaja pero mi novio los odia, muy guapa


Genevieve said...

Very sophisticated x

zoe. xox said...

Great outfit! I love the blazerr.

agatiszka said...

Perfect as always :)

Dudù said...

Very very Van Noten. I like this style very much!

Nataliexxx said...

The article you've included is so honest and even more so true. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

As I was scolling down I said to myself "I bet those trousers are from Zara" -and I was right! They fit you like a dream. Must ask, do you know if they do them in black??

♥ Marta from With Love.... said...

Stunning outfit... adore the simplicity and clean line, very chic.

I really loved the relationship suggestions...they are all so incredibly true :)

Anonymous said...

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

-Frederick Koenig

Louise, Julie, Marine said...

Thoses trousers look good on you !!

Gloria fait son show said...

i just love all your outfits.. and your hair;)

stilettolover91 said...

HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I love the whole look especially the hair, blazer & the pumps!!!


Jess said...

You look great in that outfit. Love your hair.


Talk Pretty To Me said...

Gorgeous bag! I am so in love with your hair! SO PRETTY! Thanks for posting the love advice it put a big smile on my face :)




K. Julien said...

what a cute look, i love the bag and blazer

YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR @ clothesarecute.blogspot.com

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous bag from MJ!

Happy Friday!

lilmisszolicious said...

looks great, love the colours and specially the chain-bag.

xoxo zola


JT said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to email me! You're such a sweeeeetheart, that's why you're one of my faves!

Anyway, so im soooo diggin' this outfit, you look gorgeous! the colors compliment you very well!!
Especially that blazer!


Pink Couture said...

Love the high pants (ans high skirts too... actually all high clothes haha)

Mouthwash said...

Ugh, I woke up with a headache. I've had it off and on for 3 days! What is going on??!

I love your clutch! So cute and colorful - same with the blazer.



Jacqueline said...

The blazer looks fab on you. I love all the colors together!


Becca said...

I love your bag and blazer! :)

Bella said...

Such a classic combination... and the clutch, I looove it!

Feel better love. Lots of happy wishes coming your way! xxx

B a la Moda said...

Qué bonito look! I love the high waisted pants. I thought I wasn´t going to love them anymore but I do.
Very beautiful text. And it is very true.
B* a la Moda

Lola said...

get better!
I've been getting mad headaches lately..
AND I love your blazer!!
cmnt my blog!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...


xtinagirl said...

I love all the colors on your bag. Too cute!!


Anonymous said...

2 more hours delmy!!! so far its a tied!!! hope you win missy!

- helen w.

sophie said...

thank you so much! interesting article .. you look gorgeous! xx

Suzanne said...

love the blazer!

JINX said...

nice clean and polished...looks like a undercover bad girl....


Anonymous said...

You look amazing as always....why the dramatic blogs??? Find a chico who really cares......Your closet must be amazing!!!! How do you afford all these looks?

Chasing Cherries said...

Love your outfit!! So gorgeous!!

Craig said...

I want a woman to dress just like you. Breathtaking

Delmy said...

Kimberly: HAHa Thanks!

Anonymous1216: Thanks for your concern. I am okay. Just wanted to make sure that women know they should be appreciated and not treated like shit.

Diana: Thank you! The nail polish is by Revlon in Autumn Berry.

Style Porn: Thanks I will try!

Chloe Mae: Haha...Give them a try!

Natalie: Thank yoU!!

Sailesina: Uno siempre quiere complacer a los novios, pero cuando viene a la moda vistete como a USTED le guste. ;-)

Dudu:I love Dries Van Noten! WHy thank you!

Talk pretty to me: I am glad it did!

JT: Aww you're so sweet! Not a problem!

Mouthwash: Headaches suck!

B a la Moda: Gracias!

ANonymous1019: Thanks so much!

Anonymous948: I don't think its dramatic. Just want to send a message to women. I honestly think my closet sucks! I don't really shop much. I just have lots pieces that I haven't worn in a long time.

As always thanks for all the comments! And thanks for voting for me! XOXO

Miss Red said...

love the color of the blazer. and the bag is really cute. nice touch of pink.

C said...

interesting information.i agree with everything it says.

on nicer things...i LOVE your hair!


Michael said...

I loove your hair and that blue jacket! It's such a nice contrast.

Mr.G said...

It looks simply great! Love the blue blazer!


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mom & son said...

you look so glamorous.
i adore your fabulous jacket.

sexyinthecity said...

Beautiful outfit!
lovely blazer and the colour is amazing!!

Pink Couture said...

Gracias por los comentarios ;) . A mi tambien me encantan esas medias, tengo unas parecidas, pero son rectas, no redondas :) . Un beso!

$ouLphate said...

love the blue blazer! and i agree with the article!

Atenea said...

i like your blazer and the hairstyle. kisses!

Call Me Cat said...

I love your hair and style. Your blog deserves more recognition. :)

Cat! x

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lau-ra said...

i love this outfit a lot!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

your bag ! love it !

KAELA said...

LOVELY outfit... your hair is just incredible, and I love they way you do your make-up! Just beautiful!

x kaela

Clare said...

Love the silhouette in this look!

Taylor Sterling said...

you look so amazing. I love the blue!

bisou-joue said...

wow you look so gorgeous !! Love your blog !

bisou-joue said...

do you wanna exchange links ?

redheadfashionista said...

Have recently discovered your blog and it's so refreshing to see a girl who isn't a size zero looking so amazing and knowing so well how to dress for her shape! I am taking serious inspiration! Long live pears :)