Nothing is Fair


Hannah, a sweet reader e-mailed me a project she did at school of people that inspire her.
She included me in her project. I love it and as you can see her teacher loved it too. It is in Spanish. It says: Quiero presentarte a Delmy. Ella es de New York City. Ella es tambien fashionista. Delmy es alta y bonita. Tambien ella es morena. Ella no es flaca ni gorda. Ella es delgada. Delmy es muy simpatica y coqueta.

To all my readers thank you very much for all the kind comments and e-mails. I know I have said this many times, but it means a lot to me. Last night I had a wake up call. Something was said to me and it made me realize that there is no point staying in my room crying. Truth hurts, but at least now I know it. God is listening to me and I thank you for including me in your prayers.

Q&A part II

1. Can you do a makeup tutorial soon? Yes, I will. Soon.

2. What clothing stores do you shop at that is affordable? Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, & Topshop.

3. I noticed that you wear blazers a lot. If they ever got out of style, would you not wear them? I would still wear them . I wear blazers because they are comfortable. They are like my cardigans.

4. Where do you get your idea from when picking an outfit to wear for the day?
I usually just stare at my closet for way too long, then just decide for one particular piece that I want to wear and work around that. Other times I get inspirations from my fashion magazines.

5. How did you become so involved with fashion?
I have loved fashion since age of 7. At the age of 13 I started experimenting with my moms clothes. Then at 16 I became a shopaholic. I love everything about it. Fashion is music, makeup, handbags, shoes, clothes. Its a part of me.

6. What is the first thing you think about when picking out an outfit?
Depends on my mood. If I'm feeling good and happy I'll wear my highest heels. But If I'm feeling crappy I usually just wear flats. Also if I'm rushing out the house.

7. Do you go against the weather forecast when choosing an outfit?
HAHA...I usually do! All in the name of fashion right?

8. What makeup schools did you go to?
I attended Christine Valmy and American Beauty Institute. I also tried MUD for a month...expensive, but worth it.

9. What is your occupation?
Freelance Makeup artist, but soon will be heading a different direction. God willing.

10. How long does it take you to get ready?
45 minutes to an hour.

11. What sizes are you?
I am a size 4 or 6/small. I buy medium or go one size up when I want that slouchy boyfriend look.

12. I want to be a makeup artist, but I don't know where to start. How should I start?
Search for a beauty school in your area. Make business cards. Hand them to friends and give a couple to your friends and family to spread the word for you. Do before and afters with your friends and family. And go on from there. It all depends on how far you want to go. If its just a hobby or a career.

13. What is your favorite drink to have on a sunny day?
Anything Mango! I love Mangos!

14. Do you ever leave the house without makeup?
Yes, many times. I have to show my real face some time. haha

15. What is your motto in life?
Hmm... So many, but here's a few. Show those you love that you care, before its too late. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And one that my mom says " Por algo las cosas pasan" which is things happen for a reason.

16. Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mom all the way. She is an extraordinary woman.

17. Who takes all these pics for you?
BF, Mom, family. Anyone that I can find.

18. What is your favorite holiday?
I love Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve because its the only time when I get to have my family all together and talk shit.

19. What can I do to get over a break up?
First of all I am sorry that you are going through that.
Break ups suck. I'm not going to sugar coat it. If you are in love with this person its going to hurt twice as much. My advice to you is cry all you can. Don't stay bottled up. Its not healthy. Let your friends help you and be there for you. Laughter is the best medicine. And of course pray. I've been there and I know its a difficult time.

20. How do you get your eyebrows to look so flawless?
Check out my makeup labels to your left!

21. Do you speak Spanish in your house?
Yes, I do.

22. Where's your favorite place to visit?
Kansas City (Yea I know) HAHA Because that is where my family lives and they're my joy!

23. What is it about blogging you love most?
I love everything that comes with it. My readers, sharing my fashion choices, new buys, etc. It's like my online journal. It's great feeling to share my highs and lows with so many people and receive positive feedback.

Hope I answered all your questions. I am very sleepy. Goodnight lovelies.


  1. This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanx for taking the time to answer so many questions. It's really interesting to read about real people and not celebs...

  3. Thank you for your Q&A, it's always interesting to find out new things about you!

  4. it's good to hear that you're feeling better and that you're looking towards God for prayer and stregth :)

    God bless you delmy! take care :)

  5. ahaha my boyfriend takes heaps of my photos as well
    i feel so natural around him and not awkward!
    awesome post

  6. Darling!
    I like this post because I know you a little bite more!
    You're from Kansas? Wow, for me, taht it's like a film...xD it's strange!
    Hablas español en tu casa? And what I writting to you in my bad english?? hahhaa I'm from Spain, from Barcelona.

    You're incredible!:)
    Un besito grandeee guapísima!

  7. Hi Delmy, happy that you feel better. How says your "motto"- las cosas pasan porque tienen y lo que no te mata te hace mas fuerte! And how says a song of Nelly Furtado "que me importa lo que digan, lo que piense tanta gente,si tu piensas que tu puedes no escuches las dudas sigues siende fuerte, y muestrate indiferente ante lo oscuro y el miedo, cuando buscas el consuelo recuerda el valor es lo primero".

  8. this was interesting to read and i hope you do feel much better.

  9. Delmy thanks for the Q&A, its cool learning more about you!

    Stay strong and glad to see you're feeling better ; )

  10. i'm glad to see you are doing better! there would be no rainbows without the rain :)

    i have a random do you make photo collages like this or this

  11. You ARE NOT a 4 or 6 size. I'm sorry but there is no way looking at your pictures...

    I do love how you do your makeup though so talented.

  12. Your sizes seem far fetched to me...but I am glad you are feeling better. Also I love that you embrace your heritage.

  13. Wow how flattering, that is so cute!

  14. I'm so glad you're feeling better :)
    Love these kinds of posts! That poster was super cute :)

  15. Lovely answers, you have great style. Especially love number 18, it's true of my family at Christmas too!

  16. You are truly an amazing woman & you keep it real :)I enjoy your blog.

  17. Oh, I'm so glad that you're OK now. I can't wait to see more of you. :)

    Be happy always.

  18. You are such a massive inspiration Delmy...just keep doing what you're doing coz you're doing it so well!
    God bless you and you are still in my prayers, keep your head up!


  19. Hi Delmy, OMG the truth hurts! But it is always better to know the truth than live in a lie, right? I was hit with a very harsh truth myself a few days ago and it hurt... still hurts. And its so hard to pretend everything is ok sometimes. But I'm glad that you aren't wasting away any more of your tears! Hope you feel better ASAP!

  20. so glad that you are happy. i hate to agree but i am also 'surprised' at what you say your sizes are because i followed your blog because you look healthy but ANYWHO life hits us all hard sometimes-glad your back!

  21. So interesting to read your answers, thank you for sharing! It's always fun to learn a little bit about someone you've been following but that you know nothing about :)

    I hope you're feeling better...


  22. Hi Delmy! the drawing of you is very cute and I'm really looking forward to your make-up tutorials..=)

    I'm having a giveaway in my blog, you and your readers might want to enter..=)

    Join my Perricone MD Giveaway!

  23. Good to know you're feeling much better! Gracias por compartir! =)

  24. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Delmy and you're right..crying is sometimes best and needed when you're feeling down & out..also writing you're feelings down can help..especially if you're upset with someone..writing down how you feel(of course you wouldnt send it to that person..its only for your keeps..) can be EXTREMELY relieving..keep up the good work, sweetheart bc I genuinely enjoy your blog =]

  25. How lovely:)

    Kim xx

  26. Glad to see your are better hopefully soon you can have an outfit post you are so inspiring!! :) thanks for the answers!

  27. Hey, nothing wrong with KC!

    A devoted reader AND KC resident!

    Glad you are feeling up to answering questions!



  29. Lovely!!!and yor little nugget it's increible!!:)

  30. I love your style, and I follow you and you are at my blog list now!!!

    You are amaizing!!!

  31. Why have you been crying? I HOPE you are OK? That little girl's presentation is so beautiful and endearing!! =)


  32. hey delmy!

    i really hope you feel better, my prayers are with you.

    i was wondering, can you do a makeup tutorial which resembles olivia palermo's makeup?

  33. Aw that's so adorable! very flattering.

  34. Loved reading this Q&A post, its lovely to discover more about the person behind the fashion mecca. And I love everything mangoes too!


  35. Thanks for sharing all of this with us! I love when bloggers do Q&A.

  36. I agree on the break up question. I'm a shopaholic too but on a limited budget! Thanks for sharing these to us, Delmy! :)

  37. Hey Delmy,
    i love your blog, your passion for fashion, and your answers on this post! Keep it up! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  38. I love reading Q&As! They're super interesting! :) You should enter my other giveaway! It's on my blog this time!


  39. Delmy, espero que estés mejor de ánimos!! En España decimos: No hay mal que por bien no venga.

    Un abrazo desde España y ánimo preciosa!!

  40. I can't believe it took me this long to stumble upon your blog. shame on me. thanks for the q&a's. Its always nice to know the person behind the blog.

  41. haha I love how someone asked about your evebrows, becuase I too admire them! haha

    and that project is actually the cutest thing I have ever seen, you must be beyond flattered :)

    x Niki

  42. Luved ur answers and sending u a big hug for everything your going through : ) xxx

  43. I loved loved this Q&A :) Really hoping you're feeling much better now,keep smiling and praying<3 <3

    And I believe blazers will never go out of style. heeee Its really awesome you do leave your home without makeup. I do too at times:)

    big hugsssss

  44. Hmmm I would have thought you a size 10 or so and I don't mean that in a negative or mean way. I do love your blog though. Keep up the good work.

  45. hi delmy i just came across your blog today, and it is already my favourite. you are gorgeous and so effortlessly stylish, such an inspiration! i'm excited to dress better already :)


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