It's about that time again! Kelsi Dagger and I have teamed up to for a fabulous giveaway. In these photos I am wearing the Juno Brown gladiator wedges that you will have a chance to win starting today. All you have to do is follow Kelsi Dagger on Facebook and Twitter, then leave me a comment letting me know why you think the shoes should make it to your doorstep. You have until Thursday the 18th to enter. I can't wait to read all your comments!

Wearing American Apparel high waist pleated pants, Vintage bag, and Kelsi Dagger wedges


  1. I love those pants, they are really cute. Nice wedge!!

  2. love the crop and high wasited pants combo! xx

  3. love the crop and high wasited pants combo! xx

  4. I am following Kelsi Dagger on Twitter (mahalmichelle) and on Facebook (Michelle Huynh).

    The shoes look gorgeous. I will be honest, as far as heels are concerned, I can never afford such shoes. I am about 5'0" and wearing heels makes me feel normally tall considering the average height is around 5'2"-5'4" for women. I hope to win these shoes and if I do I will take great care of them.

    xo, Michelle

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  6. So cute you look adorable in those pastel yellow pants and that cropped top. Love!

    my blog:
    ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  7. first off, i love your pants!!

    the shoes are very versatile, you can pair them with so many things.. day or night!! i didnt even notice the gold detail until the last photo.. they add a little flare to the wedges! i think there are just enough straps and spacing in these gladiators!


  8. i think these shoes should make it to my doorstep because i have a problem where i am always buying black shoes

    these shoes make me want to switch shades! haha

  9. i am small and i need to walk taller and that shoe is just perfect for me.

    i want it.

    you looking gorgeous girl.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  10. i am completely sold on the american apparel high waist pants after seeing these pictures. you look great.

  11. I am following on FB and Twitter.

    Those shoes...How to put your obsession in words, well here, i'll try.
    Those wedges are the ultimate shoe, pair them with a white cotton tunic for the summer or tights and a purple peacoat in the winter. Honestly? I mean c'mon those shoes are the ultimate. I am completely dying over them.
    Fingers crossed.
    You look so classy in the pics.

  12. Those shoes are hot, hot, hot! And incredibly versatile! And of course, the more height I can get, the better ;)


  13. Looking FABULOUS as usual... LOVE those pants...they are so freakin cute!

    Of course, the shoes are fabulous! Following Kelsey Dagger on Twitter and Facebook.

    Hmmmm, why do I need these shoes?? Well, let's see...I have only been searching for the perfect tan wedges for the past 2 years! Lol. Nude/tan wedges are a must have for making your legs look fabulous with just about everything.

    *crossing my fingers*

    ~ Eboni Hudson

  14. I followed Kelsi Dagger on both Facebook & Twitter.

    I should get these BEAUTIFUL wedges on my doorstep because honestly, I'm a college kid and I'm broke and moving into my own apartment in August. I really wish I had enough money to afford to buy myself a nice new pair of shoes right now, but that might be a while. Winning these would be so awesome & such a great surprise.

    By the way, love the outfit!

    Good luck to everyone :)

  15. The shoes are AMAZING!


  16. Ok first off - you look so hot! I love the crop top with the high waisted bottoms - it's been the look I'm loving right now for summer. It's different :)

    NEXT I'm a fan on FB & following on twitter (Meesow00). I'd love these wedges cause my Nine West Heech pair have been dieing - I have worn those babies OUT! Plus I'm curious to figure out if I could embelish on those rings! Figure out a DIY to make them my own.



  17. Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.

    i am a follower of the page on fb and on twitter

    i'm in love with those shoes.. brown wedges are great for summer which is upon us...and since i see summer all year round i will be in the wedges 24/7 haha

  18. I would love them!
    They are perfect for the everyday outfit but can also be worn for a night out on the town! And I really need one of those! :)

  19. erm - it needs to come to me because all i wear is flats and im slowly transitioning to girly heels and wedges are great practice for me. and theyre cute too... sheit.

    i had to look over this post and notice you had a crop top, cute. my gut will be all out in it like a skeezy ass man minus the belly hair. anyways......

  20. Kelsi Dagger shoes are divine. I would like to have such. They are amazingly feminine and they look really comfy, aren't they?

  21. Madalina GiurgiuJune 14, 2010 at 3:44 AM

    Hello, I'm following your blog from Romania. It really inspires me because I see here something different from the Romanian street fashion.
    Maybe I'm not eligible to win this shoes but it's worth the try because I can't buy them in Romania. Please Juno Brown gladiator wedges make it to my doorstep. :)

  22. I started following on Twitter and Facebook. Now to answer your question I would totally cry if these shoes made it to my doorstep because I am such a huge supporter of your blog. Am always leaving links and encouraging others to check it out. The shoes are super amazing and remind me of these brown BCBG gladiators that I have been eying at Macys for MONTHS waiting for them to go on sale. Until one day they just totally disappeared. The Kelsi Dagger ones are so much better and it would totally make my year since living in AZ I can wear them year round! :)

  23. stunning, thansk so much for the giveaway! am following on twitter and fb now :) i think these would look awesome all summer long and i'd love to dress them up and down with skirts, dresses, shorts, leggings, etc. they are freakin' amazing!!!!

    muneera gardezi (girlintheloft)

  24. Wish I could see how u do ur hair - F-A-B!!!! Can I enter if Im from Israel?

  25. hi!!!
    ive subscribed both by facebook and twitter...

    i think I should win these fabulous shoes because im currently a student- I pay my own college tuition and apartment rent... and that forces me to work 2 different jobs while studying 4 days a week..
    needles to say- its extremely hard..
    and- I never owned a designer shoes..or any shoes that cost more than 70$ cause I simply could never afford it.

    my email- revitalrogad@gmail.com

  26. Perfect summer style!! Love it!!

  27. gorgeous trousers and shoes xoxo

  28. I'm following Kelsi Dagger on fb and twitter!

    Why should I win those gorgeous wedges?
    Well, first of all: I've been a fan of this blog for a really long time now, and partly because of you I want to start my own fashion blog.
    Second, I could never affort these.
    And I love the color, it reminds me of a place in France, where there is that color of sand. And I love the little golden details.
    And last but not least: I think they're a perfect fit, they look great on your feet!
    Xoxo Yaël

  29. I love them shoes because they are called Juno, and I was a huge Roman (and Greek) mythology obsessive as a kid. And a young adult. When we had a toga party at the end of school everyone else just got funky sheets (we had a tie-dye toga, a Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney toga, a musical notes toga, you name it...) and I made myself a proper Roman toga, or stolla (the dress the women wore). With a wreath of ivy and a big pendant with an owl on it, the symbol of Athena. (That's Greek. Ah darn it, I get them mixed up). Yeah, I love myths, but I also love wedge sandals so a fusion of fashion and culture on my feet would be AWESOME.

  30. i like your pants and wedges! you look amazing and so sunny xxx

  31. I need these to arrive on my front door because a girl can never have enough wedges...can they??

    I am following them on twitter now:)


  32. I feel as if i have the worst luck with sweepstakes and giveaways! But i must not quit now! Your blog keeps me sane during my long days at work this summer (where i am now) (Shhh....). But this summer i have absolutely been obsessed with wedges. They are 1. so easy to walk in 2. more comfortable than platforms 3. look good with about any summertime floral or dress. I think these shoes should make it to my doorstep because they are simply chic and i would rock them to my absolute best ability.You are such an inspiration to a lot of us girls out here! I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do! You are beautiful!

    -Meredith Fossett. ( and i am following the talented Kelsi Dagger)

  33. These fabulous wedges should land on my doorstep because; my sister is graduating next tuesday and I would like to win these for her, because she is crazy about wedges, and she would totally die for these gladiator ones! :)

  34. The pants look amazing on you! You have a great figure. x


  35. These shoes are AMAZING! And of course- I think they would be very happy in my home. :)

    Great giveaway- and as always you look gorgeous! :)


  36. i already follow on twitter(Normiu) and facebook(Norma Lm)
    i want those shoes because
    1.- i love wedges, specially in spring/summer, are super comfy, look great with everything , and in that color match with all my clothes
    2.- im very short lol 1.55 hahaha
    3.- those shoes are amazing , here in mexico( im mexican) we dont have acces for buy shoes like that, i love unique things, and i thing that those shoes have something special.
    i hope to win , and good luck to all the girls

  37. Thanks for hosting another giveaway! I already follow Kelsi Dagger on Twitter and FB. I need these b/c they are the perfect color to go with everything this summer! So please pick me!

  38. I follow Kelsi Dagger on Facebook and on Twitter

    fb email: nesabradshaw@hotmail.com

    I think I should win these amazing wedges because I've been searching for some brown summer sandals for too long now! Sadly, I really shouldn't be spending money on any shoes since I'll be pretty broke after my trip to Texas in a couple of days :-/

  39. Hi Delmy! First off, I am loving your outfit: high waist and cropped top look perfect! a must try for me asap lol

    These shoes MUST make it to my doorstep -- err, my company's mailroom lol. I've been on the hunt for a good pair of brown gladiator wedges, and these are perfect! They look comfy and can be easily styled into many outfits, dressed up for work, dressed down for weekend fun around the city... sigh, I'm in love already!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    xoxo, Vanesa

    p.s.: following Kelsi Dagger on FB, but I don't have a twitter :/

  40. Hey doll!
    I would love to score these great wedges! I have an outdoor summer wedding coming up next month. I was go to cop out and wear black on black on black but I think these wedges would definitely change my approach. I would go with a floral dress and a white linen blazer. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes to winning:) Oh, btw...you look like a big scoop of lovely in this outfit!
    (I'm following Kelsi Dagger on fb and twitter)


  41. First you look great, love the pants.

    I started folow Kelsi on twitter, I would love to win these shoes so I can pair them up with some cute lace socks under some wavy shorts and rock the day away!

  42. i love them! i have been looking for something like that for a long long time! i live in mexico and those are something very hard to fin in here.
    im also learning to walk on heels! its my first time! i think they would be the best to start with :):):)

  43. Cute outfit & wedges!!


  44. What a great giveaway! I was JUST in Target looking for something similiar!!! I love the Kelsi Dagger wedges because of the versatility of the shoe! I'm a stay at home mom of 3 kiddos and it's not very practical to wear heels all the time, with these I get the heel height, the style and comfortability all in one shoe!! No more packing flip flops in my diaper bag! I could wear this wedge all day! Lov it! Domestic Goddess Mother APPROVED!

  45. I love your outfit :)

    II followed on Facebook and Twitter too!

    I have been really wanting some shoes like these 4 summer but money is so tight and I have to use all the money I make towards paying for beauty school in the fall. I would love to win these shoes :)

  46. i added on my facebook @ courtney alexander and on twitter @tupieta.

    I believe these shoes would be great for my wardrobe. I admit that I just finally began to invest more in shoes and clothing. I've always let money be an issue so I sold my self short on quality and I want to change that. Also, I've recently had the opportunity to do some plus size modeling in some local shows, in turn I have to provide my own shoes, which means I have a lot of shopping to do. These shoes are chic and versatile. I could see myself wearing them with anything for the runway but also in the office or brunch on the weekends. Plus I have spent the last couple weeks looking for wedges other than black. BTW, I love your website. You're one of my daily reads and there has not been one thing that I've seen you wear that I didn't like. I can't wait to see you continue to evolve.

    Thank you! Courtney

  47. these pants are ideal for your sexy curves and beautiful waist


  48. You look gorgeous as always, love the yellow pants - very fresh and summery! The shoes are amazing, too.


  49. Hey- love this outfit! Two reason's why my closet would make a lovely home for these wedges:

    1) They remind me a bit of those amazing prada heels from a few seasons back; loved them but could never manage to save enough money to get my grubby, shoe hogging mitts on! And I love the classy departure these take on from the original Prada.

    2) My boytoy (aka the hubster) cut me off show wise. Did he have good reason to do so? Probably, but that still doesn't change the fact that I love me a pretty shoe!!

    Thanks for all the lovely post and hosting this giveaway! May the the best shoe lover win!

  50. Well. These babies would definitely need to make it to my doorstep so I could take them on a fashionable fun ride! They would accompany me on my many expeditions to greatness this summer! Lounging by the pool, clubbing, or catching up with friends at a BBQ-they would be the perfect accessory. L love the gold details; & the wedge shape makes them such a great transition shoe. I hope you would agree! Cheers!

  51. as usual i love it from head to toe and that is why i left you a blog award!

    i went to an american apparel flea market and i left behind some pastel green pants and now i am regretting it :-/

  52. i want these shoes because i am in LOVE with wedges and they are both a wedge AND a sandal, so they are great for summer! And the brown color will go with so much in my wardrobe!

    LOVING this outfit, btw!

  53. hey delmy! love your outfit!

    i'm following kelsi dagger on fb & twitter.

    I think these shoes should appear on my doorstep because they look so comfortable and very chic! I especially want these kelsi dagger's for my mother because she deserves a standout wedge shoe! Please pick me so that i can help my mom be more fashion forward!


  54. First off, I love your outfit and your photos, I also love your hair when it's parted in the middle, then we can see your gorgeous face AND makeup :)
    Yellow suits you quite well.

    And what can I say about the shoes, being honest I am a shoe-a-holic, I love shoes, and if I had the choice of swimming in a pool full of money or a pool full of shoes, I'd choose the pool full of shoes in a heartbeat, -I love clothes and shoes wayy too much! And if they appeared at my doorstep I would be so excited I would probably squeal, jump and freak out and do the hot feet dance in front of the mail lady, cause that's how much shoes get me excited! And those shoes are *bang!* drop dead gorgeous!

    Follow Kelsi on fb and twitter ;)

  55. freaking FLAWLESS you are!!!! the hair, the yellow, your complexion/makeup is stunning ma'am.


  56. i love your hair. always so perfect. nice top/trouser combo.

  57. You are beyond stunning, just gorgeous!

    No twitter or fb for me :( lol

  58. Hi Delmy!

    First off, I loveeee your outfit. While I know that as a size 12 I wouldn't neccessarily rock this I will most definitely be trying this with my own spin on it.

    Second, I would love to win these shoes because I grew up in the Bronx, and my parents only priorities for us were an education. In pursuit of this education I decided to forget about fashion. However, I now attend NYU where fashion is of upmost importance, and while I would love to be able to dress like some the girls there that look a-ma-zing, I just do not have the money for it. These shoes would be a great addition to my extreme lack of "cool" shoes which is currently at a zero count(i had 1 but they broke last week on the six train, it was just a little embarassing) lol.

    Plus I don't know how to walk in heels, so a wedge is my knight in shining armor.

    ...And last plus, I am going to Europe for my first time in August, Spain and Italy to be specific and finding shoes that look good that I can afford is proving to be a difficult task.

    Thanks for the consideration and may God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors.

  59. OMG!!! I just bought those pants in a mint green over the weekend from American Apparel. I have a event to go to tonight and I apologize but I am so swagger jacking your style. It is fun easy and sexy for a tuesday night outing. Love your blog, read it religiously. Stay Beautiful.

  60. Awesome outfit! You look fabulous as usual!

  61. Just had to say: you know how to work those pants! Love this look on you, Delmy :)


  62. I love the shade of yellow of those pants! Gorgeous!

  63. I think these shoes should make it to my doorstep because I’m elegant, casual and that pair of shoes will take me as far as I want to go.
    [Following on twitter as styleninfa and in facebook as Angélica He]

    xoxo. Angie


  64. omg love the look the pants with the crop top - sick
    great blog btw ! lovely pics
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

  65. I love your outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your shoes are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I'm following Kelsy on Twitter (@fabchicandfit) and on facebook (daniela Ramirez Nouel)

    I would love to win this wedges because I'm very picky when it comes to wedges. The platform has to be this way, the color, the shape... and these are PERFECT! i'm totally in love!

    great giveawayyy!!

  67. Wow ! On these wonderfuls pictures, you look like Jennifer Lopez !
    Just amazing !


    PS : I'm French and I'm only 12 !

  68. These heels should make my doorstep because my mind will not let me think about anything else but getting these shoes until I have them!

  69. love the heels and vintage bag! and you have a wonderful smile!


  70. The pants are fabulous - cut and colour! Love the wedges too :)

    Be sure to enter my fashion giveaway to win a ModCloth leather jacket

  71. hot hot wedges! you always look lovely and this post is no exception :)

    Closet Full of Nothing

  72. Receiving these wedges would be quite the surprise!

    With the sun only peeking out every once in a while lately here in Portland, these shoes sure would inspire me to get through the rainy days!

    Being a college student money is tight, so I'm not always able to buy new things!

    Hope I get this wonderful gift!

  73. OMG the colors! You are too cute for spring :D

  74. Those shoes should make it to my doorstep because I love wedges! I have actually been wanting some wedges like that too! I find them easier to walk in than just heels and I think they are cuter. Also, I am short so I love anything to make me taller haha. It makes me feel like a model. Plus, I can't afford much right now because I'm in college, have no job, and have had problems with mold in our house and car troubles, and our pets getting sick. Of course, everything has to happen around the same time haha. It would be so amazing to win those gorgeous shoes! Thanks.

  75. Ooh, great giveaway! These should make their way to my door step because I am seriously lacking brown footwear! I am always automatically drawn to black and have so many outfits that would look ten times better with brown shoes! ;) So help a girl out & pick me! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  76. Well hello!

    I've just found your blog (and entered the giveaway), but I'm loving the simple and classic style you have!

    Soo, Juno Brown and I are meant to be because I am moving from So Cal to New York to start grad school in a few weeks, and these wedges would be a great fashionable and comfortable way to explore the Big Apple!


  77. I loooooooooove your outfit combination, true inspiration!!




  78. wow, you freakkin good you know..like those photos

  79. Honey u look great! You totally rock the cropped t-shirt and those yellow pants...amazing!

    Love, Lena!


  80. You have such a sweet blog. This is my first time coming across it. I love your style and everything.

    p.s. pretty obsessed with your hair too!


  81. Those pants are just superb!!

  82. This shhh
    is BANANAS b a n a n a s

  83. I promise to make You proud if I win these shoes.


  84. dude i like your highwaisted pants! very au courant, and indeed the color is right on trend! ijust blogged about neon yellows being THE color of the season.
    anyway, hope u r well love


    andrea xx
    Life In Technicolor.

  85. So summerish =)
    I love the look!


  86. I would love to win those shoes. Honestly, I'm not much of a fashionista, and I don't really step out of my comfort zone. I almost never wear heels on a regular basis (usually flats or sneakers), but I think these are absolutely amazing and would put a little spice in my outfits. It will definitely catch my friends' attentions, and if they ask where I got it, I can tell them I won them from you! More readers for you~ hohoho :))


  87. Let m just say those shoes are awesome. I have them in pewter. good luck everyone!

  88. yellow pants and cropped top ! you stunning Delmi !!!

  89. love your style and your cute blog!

  90. I love those AA pants, Ill have to go and check them out!

  91. This look is perfect for summer! Love your yellow pants! <3

    I'm an italian fashion blogger and I really love your blog and your style. If you want check out my blog and let me know on it if you're interested in exchange our links! Thanks a lot!


  92. You wear the cropped top look well! :)


  93. omg those shoes are so cute
    they look great on you =)


  94. We've been nutso over these Kelsi Dagger's too!

  95. Those shoes are so cute! I almost ordered them but didn't because I don't know if they run true to size. I'm dying to find them in a store so I can try them on. I really love your blog btw :)


  96. luv your color pants

    visit my new blog

  97. This site is great. I would love to win those shoes.Really enjoying your blog a great deal! Thank you!

  98. Absolutely adoraballs!! Who takes your photos? Stunning! Great style too : )

  99. love the outfit! very rihanna-esque

  100. i think the yellow with white is perfect and i do really wanna have a try

  101. it's my favorite !!!

    love it !

    ♥♥♥ http://trendygourmandise.blogspot.com/ ♥♥♥

  102. I'm following Kelsi =]

    I love the light yellow pants with the cropped top, it's so summery. And the reason those fabulous shoes should make it to my doorstep is that I absolutely love them!



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