Ballet Love


Wearing heels most of the time makes me forget how much I miss my flats. This week I decided to purchase 3 pairs of ballet flats. Okay, I also bought a pair of Cordani sandals, but they're only about 2.5 inches. So that's not so bad right? Yes? Maybe? Fine, I'll convince myself. :-)
I also got tired of my long bangs so I chopped them off a little.
By the way if you're fans of John Leguizamo and live in New York or just visiting, check out his one man show Ghetto Klown. You'll laugh so hard your cheeks will hurt.
I'm off to devour some crab cakes! XO

wearing topshop cropped blouse, monet necklace, american apparel chiffon skirt, flats by All Black,
lipstick Nars in red lizard
, Nail polish OPI in Dating a Royal

Beauty Faves


As promised, I went along and put together my current favorite beauty favorites.
So if you like my recent makeup looks I suggest you go get these now!


Satin Polka Dots


Hey guys, doing a quick post before I head out to work. Also a lot of you have been asking me what I use for my daily makeup routine. Well, next post should be about my beauty picks. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day! xo

zara parka, bdg sweater,american apparel, scarf, lulus shorts, rachel comey clog sandal



Yesterday I met up with Jennifer from Societys Misfit. She was such a doll!
Check out the feature Jennifer did on me here!

bdg sweater, zara blazer, topshop jeans, rayban sunglasses, marc by marc jacobs clutch, calvin klein pumps.

Sincerely Awesome


I never do this, but she has a style that demands attention. Her choice of clothing and styling never fails. Her hair is beautiful. Her makeup is always radiant. But above all, she is very sweet. We have never met, but if you check out her blog you will see why I decided to feature her.

1. Name? Julie Sarinana aka Jules

2. Location? Where palm trees + sunshine meet, L.A!

3.How long did you start Sincerely Jules and why? I started SJ exactly two years ago this month (wow, time flies when you're having fun!) At that time, I was attending fashion school (F.I.D.M) and with all the crazy school projects, I was beginning to feel drained. Then I started checking out Chictopia because my sister told me about it, and became hooked. The blog was born soon after, and it really helped me to dig in deeper to what I like, what I find inspiring and it also helped me to get even more creative and apply it to my work for school. It's definitely been an outlet for me to express my point of view and my style!

4.When did your love for fashion and makeup begin? Well fashion has always been in my blood. Ever since I was a lil' youngin' I've been into it and always tried to channel my older sisters' style. When I got older and began middle school + high school, I started really getting into it and hung out with a group of friends that were totally into fashion too. We would call each other the night before school and plan what we were going to wear so that our lil' posse looked the same! my love for fashion just kept growing and growing! Makeup took longer for me to get into, but it was after high school that I started experimenting more with makeup and began loving it!

5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, has there ever been a time where you hated the outcome of your hairstyle and why? Aw thank you! *blushes*....I've had many different hair styles + colors but one moment in my life where I hated it was back during my junior year, I had short hair (above my shoulders) and it was like a burgandy-ish color. I just don't think it was flattering for my face shape so I hated it. Would definitely consider cutting it again though...
6. What is your one favorite piece in your closet? My vintage Levi's jacket and my Opening Ceremony pony booties, best purchases

7. Any inspirational words for your readers? Do what you LOVE and be passionate it. Don't let the word 'can't or no' be in your vocabulary, you can do ANTYHING in this world, just work hard and don't lose focus.

Check out Sincerely Jules and see for yourself how awesome she is!

Champagne and Denim


Photos were taken yesterday before grabbing dinner with my friend Mo. We ended up at Lil' Frankie's. I could never get enough of their pizza. You should definitely try pizza Margherita, Focaccion, and Salame Piccante! Then we made a stop at our friends birthday party. Felt good catching up with good ol' friends. Oh yea, I almost forgot! You should definitely check out Foley & Corinna's boutique on 114 Stanton st. I wasn't planning on shopping. I told myself I am just going inside to "look" and so I looked, tried on, and bought a gray cotton motorcyle-ish style jacket with a shearling collar and leather cuff sleeves. But only because the sales lady told me it was 50 percent off! So go check out their sale! Hope you all had a great weekend! XO

asos denim shirt, j.crew belt, american apparel skirt, rachel comey boots, marc by marc jacobs bag.

Buttoned Up


In case you're wondering. Yes, my hair is darker. Couldn't stand the brassiness.
It was such a beautiful day today. It felt like the beginning of Spring. All I want now is rain storm to wash away all this snow. I cannot wait for my next vacation!

gap blazer, american apparel blouse, zara skirt, dolce vita wedges, karen walker sunglasses.

Back to Reality


Its over. My vacation has come to an end. Its time to go home and go back to layering. I miss my bed, but I don't want to deal with the cold. I hear Saturday will be another yucky day. It felt so good wearing all these easy breezy pieces. Which brings me to ask you, do any of you believe if the Groundhog sees his shadow there will be more weeks of Winter? I guess I will believe anything that says Spring will come in earlier. Well, lovelies gotta go, see you back in NY!

1st: american apparel tank top and royal blue pants, pura lopez espadrilles.
2nd: Delias swimwear 3rd: h&m polka dot trench, jcrew belt, michael kors sandals

Mixed Prints


As most of you know, this winter storm has been insane. The only good thing I have gotten out of it is that I get to spend two extra days in the Bahamas. So whoop whoop for me!

h&m jacket, lux shorts, gifted chinese laundry flats


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