(Jcrew linen shirt, Norma Kamali blazer, H&M shorts, Karen walker sunglasses, Chloe pumps, Lips: NARS in Heat wave)
A couple of days ago I stumbled upon these Chloe Lucite heel pumps.
Like most of my shoes it was love at first sight.
I really need to organize my shoes. They are all over the place.
I'm thinking about whether I should throw their boxes away. They take up so much space.
What do you guys think?
(Jcrew linen shirt, Norma Kamali blazer, H&M shorts, Karen walker sunglasses, Chloe pumps, Lips: NARS in Heat wave)
A couple of days ago I stumbled upon these Chloe Lucite heel pumps.
Like most of my shoes it was love at first sight.
I really need to organize my shoes. They are all over the place.
I'm thinking about whether I should throw their boxes away. They take up so much space.
What do you guys think?
Breanne said...

gorgeous skirt!!



I used to keep all of my boxes too, now I just keep a few for the more delicate ones when I move or whatnot.

I love that lipstick, such a rich pigment. I'll have to check it out :)

Raspberry Jam said...

Love your glasses and shoes!



Julie Khuu said...

Love those gorgeous lucite kicks!!! Such a delicate statement that not only elevates everyday casual ensembles, but hands down one of my fave materials to see (and use) during summer! So apropos Delmy!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Shasie said...

love this look! the shorts are so cute

Live Life in Style

Style Porn said...

These are truly the classiest incarnation of the stripper heel ever. Well, to be fair, I guess they're the stripper heel's long lost cousin 3 times removed. I love them.

Mouthwash said...

I love this outfit Demly! This outfit is so fun with the heels and the lips! I love it!



Amy V. said...

your legs are awesome!

marcella said...

nice :)

The Girls Area said...

Your shoes are so crazy, but I like them :D


UnaBb said...

Your heels are amaaazin'!
And that skirt is gorgeous!

MELISSA Z. said...

I have the same lace shorts! Love the way you've paired it with that denim shirt and that blazer! <3


Vasilieva said...

lace shorts are just so love and your shoes are absolute perfection


Style-Pursuit said...

Yeap, getting rid of the boxes is really a good idea, it's better to replace them with some clear transparent ones... That's what I did! :o)
Gotta say that these pumps are true beauties....!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

what a background! always am in love with a fashion paradox: the romantic feminine shorts look amazing on you. love the combination with the masculine shirt and the blazer, it gives an unique effect. nude shoes are the best option for a delicate look. you know how to style yourself girl, the hair and the make up are perfect. i love it when i see a complete look

Michelle's Style File said...

Gorgeous outfit as always! Throw out the shoe boxes and get the clear ones. Organised and you can see what you've got : )


Laura Who0?! said...

oh I like the shoes!! :)


The Fashion Cloud said...

love teh look especially the plexi heels shoes :)



Eleanor said...

Gorgeous and classy as always!
I prefer to keep all of my shoes out on racks/shelves so I can see them all. When I kept them in their boxes I felt like I would inevitably forget about some of them.

Astrid said...

Cutest shoes ever.

Poise & Vogue

Anelle said...

such a sweet outfit. these shorst suit you very well!

Monika said...

I think that you shouldn't throw the boxes. Shoes are less damaged when you keep them into the boxes :) on the other hand,when you have a special place for them, such as a closet, boxes are useless :)

The Fancy Teacup said...

It would be love at first sight for me too, if I saw those heels. Total artwork for the feet. And your bow topped trousers are darling.

♥, Jamie

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

LOVE those shoes doll, great find :)

XoXo-Kelli K

A chacun ses goûts said...

Beautiful outfit !! Love these shoes !


Nora said...

wow u look so beautyful <3
love u outfit^^

Dianna said...

Your hair looks great.Deffinetly keep the boxes..


AJ TAYLOR said...

gorgeous skirt and i love those lucite heels. you look so effortlessly elegant


eloiselabetise said...

Such a gorgeous and perfect outfit! Your shirt, your blazer and your shorts are all so amazing! And you look beautiful with that red lipstick! xxx


J'Anns Boutique said...

Loving the lace shorts...

A Girl's Next Best Friend

Fashion Without Guilt said...

I LOVE THE OUTFIT. I need a pair of Lucite Heels ASAP. :)

You should get transparent containers and stack your shoes, so that you are still able to see them and have organization.

Emijaa Jaaemil said...

Love the shoes and your shorts! super cute...

I have a ton of shoes and the boxes always get on my nerves b/c they are bulky and come in so many different sizes depending on the shoe - but I like to keep my shoes protected so I suggest CLEAR PLASTIC SHOE BOXES from The Container Store - they are all the same size and stackable!


Love your blog

Natalie said...

Mm, yeah keeping the boxes for your favourite shoes or boots that get dirty sounds more reasonable.

But you gotta combat the dust then! IKEA sell some under bed shoe storage thangs, not too pretty but gets the job done.

A transparent chest of drawers but for shoes would be ideal <3 xxo

Lucia said...

I love this outfit! I am not a big fan of clear heels but these look amazing on you!

As for the shoe boxes, I'd say keep the boxes for the more delicate shoes...


Collections said...

Love this outfit. The shorts and shoes are amazing.

Fashionable Collections

Ginta said...

Your heels are absolutely perfect! Gorgeous!

S.P. said...

The shoes are gorgeous!
strut mode

Heather said...

You look great as always! My shoes are everywhere, too! I have some in their boxes, some on a shoe rack, some flats on a shoe-hanging thing on my closet door, and still a bunch just thrown randomly around my room!! Post any ideas if you find any! lol

Shanean said...

Delmy, my love, I was just thinking the same thing but the boxes actually help keep your shoes in tiptop shape. Think about the ones you don't wear as often and how they would collect dust. Sometimes the dust can stick and ruin a shoe. Buy a shoe organizer and part ways with the boxes if they are flats or flat sandals. I gotta really cool Steve Madden one @ Bed, Bath and Beyond! Check it out : )

Jamie said...

LOVE your new shoes!! I always have that dilemna too, keep the shoe boxes or toss...right now I have so many but they are holding my winter shoes while I keep my spring/summer out on display. At the end of the day though, if you need space I say toss!


PS. You should definitely submit this look on The Wear to go Girls FB page for the look of the week! Here's the link!


Delmy said...

You guys have been so helpful! Thank you!! XO

Alina said...

love this look! everything about it is so chic and modern :)

Anyhow, thats a tough question. I keep boxes to some of my shoes, but not for others. If you really care about the shoe, I would keep the box and store the shoes in them - otherwise just let the boxes go ;)



Cinz said...

Hi there Fashion Bananas,

I have to say, i love your style and you look gorge:) I've been following you for a few days and you certainly have made my days better lately^___^ I look forward to more great outfit post of yours with your great sense of down to earth-ness (not sure if that word exists,lol).

Take care,


Karla said...

That lipstick is awesome! What a "riche" shade.

Boxes definitely take up too much space and you forget what's inside! I prefer to keep mine out in the open. I have the Elfa system from the Container store. It was relatively easy to install and since I have limited shoe closet space, it's ideal to keep them grouped together and organized. And since they are out in the open I can keep tabs of the shoes I actually wear.
I've tried the clear box before, didn't work. The cute pink transparent box, didn't work. I've even tried pasting a picture of the shoe on the front of the box, definitely didn't work. But this Elfa system is perfect. For me at least.
I've only kept a couple of shoes in their boxes because they're a bit delicate.

Anyway obviously, I'd recommend that system or one like it.

The BB said...

I am obsessed with lucite heels, these are gorgeous! I love NARS for their red lipsticks, I usually go with Jungle Red. www.the-beauty-beat.blogspot.com

Audacious Allure said...

Wow I adore those lace shorts!

bee said...

i looooove your chloe shoes. Really, and I like the combination of your outfit. It's easy but really special. The strong color of your rouge makes it perfekt.
I love your blog, take care :)


Punky said...

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Eddie said...

I would use the boxes to organize them. Just put the shoes back into their boxes, have the part of the box that describes the shoe within seeing distance, and remember to put back the shoes after wearing them. :)

The Fire Inside Me said...

super outfit ♥

Nika said...

wow, those shoes are just too gorgeous!


LuLu said...

Great lipstick first and foremost!

You are also rocking those lace shorts! I have been thinking of trying them out but have NO idea how I'd even wear them... you got me thinking :)

A Candid Life

Miss Dior said...

cutest shoes...Love it

Jay said...

super chic! I love those shoes :)


Anonymous said...

thecontainerstore.com has great see-through shoe boxes and they are very affordable! =)

Nicole said...

I love this look, it is so well put together!


Seriale-modeuse said...

These shoes are INSANE !


Ria said...

Great shoes and combined with those gorgeous shorts, they are perfect.

Plami said...

Stylish, chick and sexy!!!



bunt♥leben said...

Beautiful ♥

mirpel said...

loove your shoes!!


Oyin Ola said...

love the look ...chic

Catarina Ferreira Pinto said...

Great look!!

Stop by my blog - http://allureurbano.blogspot.com

Lily said...

Your glasses and shoes look really nice on you.

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