June 1, 2011

Towne & Reese

I cannot believe I bought this top last summer and just wore it yesterday. I tend to do that a lot.
Do you buy clothing and completely forget about them?
(Top-Topshop, Jeans- Silence noise, shoes-Robert Clergerie, Jewelry- Towne & Reese)

But on to better news. I am so glad Towne & Reese reached out to me with this opportunity.
Their pieces are fun,well made, and have a vintage look to them.
So of course I had to do a giveaway!

All you have to do is name your favorite Towne & Reese piece and enter your e-mail.
Prize will be a piece of jewelry of the winner's choosing. Contest will run until June 7th.
In the mean meantime you can like Towne & Reese's Facebook page for an extra entry.

In this post I am wearing the Paige bracelet and the Joanna necklace.
If you want to shop now, enter code FASHIONBANANAS15 for a special discount!
Good luck! xo


Mom Fashion World said...

Nice outfit and bracelet!


Michelle at Chellbellz said...

I love your style! I really love the Charli Bracelet! I love it because its that cool electric blue! and it's so different!

My email is Chellbellz at gmail dot com.

Shannon said...

Love the summery florals! I just wore a dress the other day that I know has been sitting in my closet for a year. My favorite Towne & Reese piece is also the Paige bracelet in gold. I looked at each section of the site and it is still what I could see myself wearing the most.


Keepin Up With Jos said...

I love your shirt!

I love the Isabella Earings they are so pretty and have a vintage feel to them!

Email: Josie.or.walker@gmail.com

Julie Khuu said...

Good thing you found it when you did D! Just in time for summer...love the little print, love the sheerness paired with jeans...casually chic!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

MeganRose. said...

i wanted to comment on your pretty top but was lucky to stumble upon this contest. really loving their jewelry. my favorite piece would have to be the janie bracelet. it's simple but the style of the chain is a little more different. i 'liked' the fb page (megan solla) and my email is:


Gabi said...

I would love to win the Ruthie necklace! It is just too amazing:)

Raisa Idonah said...

my fav is the carson bracelet, so pretty!

a minute to spare said...

Am I the only one that noticed that big rock on your finger, are u engaged!? If u are, huge congrats!!!

D-Von said...

I love the Amazonite camden earrings. so chic and beautiful. It would go great with my spring wardrobe.
vonbunny at gmail dot com

TR said...

Thank you @ towne reese for this giveaway!! MY favorite piece is the Lottie necklace.


Violet said...

i adore those shoes! im looking them up right now lol

Vi from Cali

Michelle's Style File said...

Love the Paige bracelet. The Hunter earrings are beautiful too!

Elizabeth said...

The top looks gorgeous on you, and the jewelry compliments it prefectly!

I love the Bailee earrings, my email is mateer.elizabeth@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

The Anna Blair bracelet is too die for. So gorgeous. Your top is so flowy and beautiful. I am a sucker for florals.


Shasie said...

I do that all the time, especially with jewelry, but them put them away and forget about them.

I love the paige bracelet in both silver and gold

I'm liking them on facebook


Live Life in Style

Raspberry Jam said...

Love the top!



marcella said...

this top is soooo sweet. looks great on you.
of course, I also forget about some stuff I wore, like, once, and then it becomes all new once I wear it again :)

Lia said...

Oh i love the CAROLYN Earrings in gold :)


Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler said...

The Elise necklace in coral is the perfect accessory to make my business casual/formal outfits pop without being too overwhelming. I also "liked" the Facebook page.

OAN, I want to purchase another necklace using the code you provided, but the link takes me to a page the does not sell the jewelry directly. Can your link be used on the affiliate sites? Or possibly in the stores? Thanks for this. I'm always on the hunt for some tasteful accessories.

Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler said...

Forgot my email, silly me: shelby2986@hotmail.com.

Nora said...

wow u look so cute :))

Alexandra said...

My favourites are the Avery bracelets!


Paper Mojo said...

It's so hard to choose a favorite but I really do love the Hattie earrings in black :)


Anonymous said...

That happens to me all the time!

I love your outfit and your blog- thanks for being a great inspiration.

I love the Mary Ellis earrings.

My e-mail is: isa_thuerlemann@hotmail.com

Sia said...

Love the top! x

LyddieGal said...

I love the turquoise avery bracelets!


LyddieGal said...

I also like towne and reese on facebook!

Newburgh Restoration said...

Love the Hunter, Grayson, Ava, and Fisher earrings!


Monique said...

Love the top!

My favorites are the Isabella earrings and the Chloe necklace

Davina916 said...

I really like the "Lottie" necklace. Thanks! Davina@Davina916@aol.com

Sing said...

Cute top.
I like the Wells Bracelet.


CushionPlusStyle said...

You are so cute! I love this blog.

A chacun ses goƻts said...

Nice outfit ! You are very pretty !


Cinja said...

nice top! great outfit :)

Alicia (pronounced Aleeseea) said...

you NEVER EVER disappoint meeee!
you're sooo gorgeous!

daer0n said...

The top is really cute, it reminds me of those peasant tops that were really popular back in the 90's.

I really like the Logan silver necklace, I love that it has a feather silver pendant, so pretty.

Nury77 at live dot ca

thatgirl..... said...

Love the pieces you're wearing! My favorite piece(very hard to choose just one)is the Graelyn necklace in black!


Samara said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new jewelry line! It's hard to pick just one favorite piece. I'm torn between three items: the Logan necklace, the Wells bracelet, and the Macie Iridescent earrings.

xoxo, Samara

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeee the JoAnna necklace. Very cute!

xoxo Raven

ShandyLand said...

Your top is super adorable!!
I don't have that problem yet lol

My favorite Towne & Reese piece are the Grayson earrings. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! Their line is very beautiful, my favorite is the Sophia necklace!


Alexx said...

Very very beautiful!!!

j.nes said...

They have such pretty pieces! My favorite is the coleman necklace in turquoise =]

nesamarie at gmail dot com

j.nes said...

I also Like Towne & Resse on facebook! =]

nesamarie at gmail dot com

20 York Street said...

What a fabulous outfit! I do that all the time.. clothes with tags still on!

Congrats on Towne and Reese!



KATE said...

My fav is JOANNA necklace-as beautiful as my mum...and i just love them both!!! :)

KATE said...

P.S. and you know, my mom name is Joanna too! xD

beryl said...

wow what a cool bracelet!

xx, theemeraldsun.blogspot.com

Sarah said...

Very chic outfit!!
Can't decide between graelyn and elizabeth, so many lovely pieces to choose from!

Ashie said...

I love your outfit. I feel the breeze just looking at it.

I really like this jewelry line. If i have to pick i would say my favorite piece is the paige bracelet in gold.

email: albethel@gmail.com

greenbean said...

i love addie, rylie, sophie, and erin. lovely stuff. hellogreenbean at gmail dot com

Bibi said...

i follow towne and rease on facebook.


My favourite piece is this necklace
it is simple so i can waer it with almost evrything


Le.cherrysodaa said...

Delmy! What do you think are the best jeans for curvy girls? :) please reply!!

I love your blog! salutes from Mexico n__n

Anonymous said...

Great Post!!!

I love the Bianca bracelet!


Anonymous said...

I really like the coral Elise necklace.


Tatiana said...

LOVE the new header for your blog. And I must admit, I think your hair is PERFECT!! You rock! I love your blog!

Alicia said...

I really like the CHARLI in Navy. I can wear it as a summer staple in my wardrobe.

MELISSA Z. said...

that top is adorable! <3


Anonymous said...



Tee said...

Hey Delmy!

Because I think fashion is timeless, I chose the Mary Barton earrings as my favorite piece. They look so vintage, but very classy (:

My email: tia.shanice214@gmail.com
My blog: www.2dareit.blogspot.com (:

Lina said...

I'm in love with the Multi Grayson earrings :)


Aniita said...

love this look you look really pretty!
xx http://highwaiisted.blogspot.com

Heather said...

What a cute top - it's a good thing you remembered it! I love all the jewelry, but the bracelet is just so cool.


lupe22m said...

i must have the camryn earrings!
they are very sophisticated and feminine.
perfect for dinner date.

lupe..from cali..=)


Amber said...

My favourite piece is the Camryn earrings. You could wear these for a casual or elegant look.


<3 Amber

Lori said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I love the Covie Earrings and my e-mail is:


Ag said...

I definitely buy things then don't wear them for years. Now I tend to just give it to charity, my siblings or friends, or save them for my future daughters...

Elli said...

The necklace looks adorable!

greets, elli

Kfloveinme said...

Another cute outfit from you!! You rock!! I love the HAYDEN necklace from the Towne & Reese collection.

Mmmm, do you have something to tell us? I notice a pretty ring on your finger. ;-)

Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

Kfloveinme said...

I liked Towne & Reese on facebook...Kenya G.


Claud said...

I like the Towne & Reese Janie bracelet in silver. Thanks for hostinf this giveaway. ^^

t said...

Nice outfit!


vintage process said...

I love your look! So cool!

La Petite Olga said...

I love your necklace here!!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Funkydoris said...

Cute top and amazing bracelet
x funkydoris.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I love the Covie Earrings the most! I have a rounder face and find that this shape is very flattering on me and I love turquoise...looks great on my skin! I love your blog you always look fabulous and I love the Graz glasses you wore in one your older posts...I am drooling for those! My email is emjackson1112@gmail.com.

meisha moo said...

Love the outfit! The paige bracelet in gold is by far my fave!!!


Shay said...

Covie and Hunter are pieces I would adore :) pastel and a pop of color to any outfit is amazing!


Minique said...

Great blouse
Did you get engaged congrats if so! ;0) Love your fashion style and haircut its so cute

daisy said...

cute outfit!

i would love to win the Chloe necklace, its really pretty!


Krisbliss said...

Wow, great top! I'm a sucker for anything floral too!



Miyan said...

wow- the towne & reese pieces are so beautiful! it was very hard to pic a fav, but i fell in love with the LUCY earrings. the purple beading sold me and i dont even own a pair of hoops, can you believe that?! i really hope to win those beauties!



Miyan said...

i like 'em on fb!


Art + Bella Fashion said...

Hi. I like your style girl...good work ^^ !!!
I like the Helen Earrings. They are classy, chic and elegant. Can't wait to put outfits together and pairing them with Helen Earrings ^^ !!

Art + Bella Fashion said...

Hi. I like your style girl...good work ^^ !!!
I like the Helen Earrings. They are classy, chic and elegant. Can't wait to put outfits together and pairing them with Helen Earrings ^^ !!

LeeLeeCakes said...

Thank you and Towne & Reese for this giveaway!! My favorite piece is the Jane necklace. Sooo pretty! :)


SIMone said...

such a beautiful outfit!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Do I really have to choose just one? The Isabella earrings are GORGEOUS though!


Kristy said...

SOOOOO MANY gorgeous pieces to choose from, but I'm gonna go for the Anna Blair chain bracelet: http://www.towneandreese.com/Towne_%26_Reese/AnnaBlair_Gold.html

My email is askmonochromachic(at)gmail(dot)com

Crossing my toes and fingers! :D


Christina said...

The bracelet is amazing and so versatile! I love that it's gold.


LuLu said...

I buy stuff and don't wear it for months! I get either A) buyers remorse so I feel bad wearing it right after B) wait for a special occasion that it would be perfect for but then i manage to find something ELSE for the event as it gets closer so completely forget about my other purchase!

A Candid Life

Anonymous said...

I have the same top but it is NOT from Topshop it's from Zara!!!