Wearing: Asos dress | Love Moschino clutch | Louboutin Pumps
Wore this dress in early December to a holiday party. I was a couple of weeks pregnant here.
I love this dress so much. I have to work hard to make sure I fit in it again.

xo, Delmy



Wearing: Zara blouse | H&M pants | Vintage jewelry | Kors pumps

 I love that I am still able to wear regular clothes. I've been looking at maternity clothes, and umm... not so pretty.  I do think my biggest challenge will be to find pants that fit me. My butt is kind of getting out of control haha
But of course K is loving it.  TMI? Oh well!

xo, Delmy



For the next few days I will be posting photos from my trip to Florida.  Makes me feel good when go through all my photos. Kinda takes me away from this cold. 

Now on to some sort of sad news.  My Facebook page has been deleted. Last night a reader emailed me the account of a girl named Frida Mercedes who was pretending to be me through multiple accounts. I posted this same story along with the links to her pages on my FB page and of course because I have some amazing readers, they decided to take action and let her know that what she was doing was wrong.  I did talk to her and try to reason with her, but it didn't work. Anyway, Long story, short. I think I may have been reported because all the comments she received. 

EDIT: So my page was reactivated. Apparently it was removed by mistake? Hmmm

Anyway, I welcome you to like my Facebook page!
Thanks for the support!

xo, Delmy



I'm back home from Florida and all I want to do is stay in bed under my covers. 
And that's exactly what I plan to do.

Here are some photos from the day I spent at the beach.
Hope everyone is staying warm!

xo, Delmy



 I think I was too excited in my last post that I forgot to mention that I am currently in Florida taking a nice break from cold New York. 
Wearing: Asos dress | Vanessa Mooney necklace | Marc Jacobs sandals

Also, thank you so much for showing us so much love.
I read every comment on IG, FB, ETC...
You guys are the best!

 xo, Delmy



Hey, hey hey! I know it's been a while. But I have some exciting news! Well I'm excited.
If you follow me on Instagram by now you must know that the love of my life and I are expecting our first bundle of joy! This is such an incredible blessing and we couldn't be happier!
Wearing: Zara blazer | Romwe dress | Mayanin bracelets | B. Atwood Sandals
Alternatives: A Wear blazer | Jovonna dress

xo, Delmy


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