February 28, 2013


I recently became obsessed with the Manolo Blahnik Ferson sandal. At first I thought I wanted them in White, but they have released more colors which made my decision more difficult. I'm really loving the Yellow, but then again I do love the Blue and Pink.  So umm, any help?

xo, Delmy


Fashion Rehab said...

Get them in yellow, its gonna look great on you and the yellow makes it pop.

In Fashion Rehab

Cherina said...

Go with the white!!! Aunque a mi me gustan todos los colores tambien lol.


Jennifer Whitney Ladideux said...

Love!! Ankle straps are perfect for Spring, and the clear in these are unique.



Don't get white because they will get dirty foot impressions. I think you could get away with yellow, blue, or black. I would pick the black for classic and blue is my second pick! The only other advice I can offer is after a while that plastic on the shoe yellows so maybe invest in a different pair of Manolos with no plastic if that is gonna bother you? Thanks for publishing my comments Delmy. I wish you the best and let me know what you end up buying!


Daniela Villegas said...

Me recuerdan a Rihanna, las azules y amarillas son maravillosas.


Nina Papaioannou said...

The moment I saw them I thought blue... but then again white is so trendy now. I would probably get the black though. It looks hot!
See you in my blog, maybe.

Maya & Milan said...

White is going to be hot this spring!
You'll get more wear out of a white pair. Those all look like a great pair of shoes!



Maggie Adofo said...

White will be perfect for the summer. Any other time, it will just be considered very chic! :)

Maggie A
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Alela Sirah said...

I am feeling the blue ones!!

Sweetmona said...

so cute!

Brian Jones said...

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