Wearing: American Apparel sweatshirt | Levi's jeans | Manolo Blahnik sandals | Nars Lipstick in Red Llizard
Alternatives: Aqua sweatshirt | KORS sandals

So big news for K and I. Yesterday I announced the sex of the baby on Instagram and if you didn't know yet, we are having a healthy Boy! (funny, as I finished typing this sentence, he gave me a big kick) We are so happy and cannot wait for the arrival of our little man.

Also, you guys have been so sweet, sending me nothing but blessings.
Thank you so so so much!

xo, Delmy



Wearing: J.crew sweater | Asos bf jeans | Tamara Noor Jewelry |  Marc Jacobs Sandals | MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt
Alternatives: Asos sweater | KORS sandals

When it comes to jewelry, I'm usually into statement pieces or simple and dainty pieces.
As you can tell from a lot of my posts, I wear very little of it. Only because I don't like my accessories to compete with each other.

Anyway, I just discovered Tamara Noor Jewelry. Her collection is a mix of bold chunky necklaces and delicate dainty pieces which I love. In this post I am wearing the Ariel necklace and the cute Eye Me bracelet.

Love it? Well, you can get 15% off with code BANANAS
Happy Shopping!

xo, Delmy



Wearing: J.crew sweater | Levi's jeans | Steven Alan bag | UO hat | Superga sneaks

Took a stroll in the park with K to get some exercise. Walking is pretty much all I can do when I am dealing with shortness of breath.  Another new symptom is heartburn. I hate it. Milk seems to calm it down a bit, but still, eating is not as fun anymore. On a positive note my baby has started kicking. Everytime it happens I jump. I'm still not use to it, but every time it happens it brings a smile to my face. 

Hope everyone is staying safe during this Spring snow weather!

xo, Delmy



Top & Skirt - American Apparel | Green dress - Asos

Just a few photos of my precious bump. 
Soon, I will be announcing the sex of the baby. I would love it if we can play a little game and have you guys guess the sex. Yes? Yes!

xo, Delmy



Wearing: Asos dress | Topshop leather jacket | UO scarf | Robert Clergerie sandals

I never really shared how far along I am, so I just wanted to share the deets. 
I am currently in my 5th month and I am due in August, around my birthday!
Now I am struggling with baby names. I already have one for a Girl, but It's been pretty hard to find one for a Boy. I guess it's because I want one that sounds good in English and in Spanish. I don't want my family butchering the little guy's name. Would love it if you guys can help a girl out.

It's been a while since I've written in Spanish. SORRY!
Quiero darle las gracias a todos mis seguidores por ser tan dulces y desearme cositas bonitas ;-)

By the way, the girl in the picture is my beautiful 9 yr old niece Aime.

xo, Delmy



Like I said in my previous post, my other bump is growing just as fast and Levi's jeans seemed to be my go to for my two growing bumps.
Tomorrow I have my usual check up and even though I am taking care of myself I can't help to get nervous every time. I just want everything to be okay.

Any of you expecting as well? New Mom? Share your stories. Would love to read your about your journey.

xo, Delmy


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