April 24, 2013

The bigger my bump gets the harder it is to tolerate stilettos. So I've decided to give them a rest for little while. Well we'll see how that goes.  
On the other hand, with all these cute flats I found I think I won't have a problem being in flats at all. Trapeze dresses and these flats will just be adorbs. 

xo, Delmy

Sol Fontanez said...

Love flats, you will look no matter what you wear!

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Somebody said...

Love the black and white! So cool

Ladies in Navy said...

oh i love these!
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LV said...

Very cute shoes. Sometimes its nice to take a break from heels.


I am so into flats right now!

PolkaDottedPearl said...

These are great! I love the miu miu ones :)


Wow, love it!

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Mimis - Michelle Franzoni said...

i love it!