Wearing: Zara blazer | Topshop dress | J.Crew clutch | Ninewest sandals
Alternatives:Gianni Bini OR Vince Camuto blazer | Asos dressMichael Kors OR DVF clutch

I've never really been a fan of kitten heels, At least not after 1999. But these sparkly beauties had me the minute I saw them. One can think they're too dressy and formal, but you can dress these kittens down in boyfriend jeans or even track pants. The right ones of course. I'm thinking maybe a sweatshirt and a pencil skirt. We'll see!

Now on to baby news...haha
I cannot wait for this weekend. I will be having my prenatal massage which is VERY much needed, then I get to see my precious Gavin in 3D! Hope he cooperates. He's more of a butt shot type of fella.

xo, Delmy


  1. Very nice look. I like the kitten heels. We are both the same height. Sometimes it it nice to have a cute pair of low heeled shoes.

  2. you look so cute
    my preg i same age like your but i am increase weigh everyday
    hah aha
    stay safe

  3. I've never seen a bump dressed it. The green with the pink love it. And just because you are expecting doesn't mean you can't have a little height the kitten heels are practical as well as fabulous. LOVEE IT.

  4. Lovely dress!
    A massage sounds wonderful. =)

  5. Great look ;)

  6. You made these kitten heels look so fabulous! Love this look so much!!!

    7eventh Letter

  7. Tão linda!!!

    (So beautiful!!!)

    Bjs do Brasil!

    (Kisses from Brasil!)

  8. Wow this outfit is beautiful, you look perfect!

    Kisses, have a nice day!
    The Spotted Cherry Pie
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  10. You're beautiful! You're my inspiration! How tall are You??

  11. u look extremely cute!


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