Wearing: Elephant tee | American Apparel skirt (Asos skirt) | Acne sunnies | Vans sneaks

So here I am, one day before my due date and still nada, just a bunch of braxton hicks and mild cramps. Honestly I don't even know If I'm having contractions or not. People say you feel them on your back, but I have been feeling them above and below my belly button. So I'm not quite sure.

Anyway, wore this to take a walk with K hoping it would help, instead I ended up with shortness of breath and a lot more pain.  But you know what? I am happy, because I know I'm close to holding Gavin. So I'll deal with whatever I have to deal with.
Stay tuned!

xo, Delmy


  1. Awww I love your optimism about Gavin, it's so beautiful :) I love the simplicity of this outfit, you make pregnancy look like a breeze

  2. you are SO adorable!! love this dress. so cute and comfy xxo

  3. I went a week beyond my due date, and was induced. Don't be anxious. It'll happen when it happens, or G will just get evicted! haha. Well wishes for the last mile, I cannot wait to see your little Gavin. You look beautiful.


  4. How is it that you look so darn gorgeous at 9 months:)

  5. Still looking great! It would be so awesome if he came on his due date! My sister and I were both born on our due dates. G will be here when he's ready. Hang in there, mama!!

  6. Hello,
    I am following for few months now, and I can say that you are a survivor !! Really
    Hope all the best for you and little Gavin for the future :-)

  7. Cute outfit. If you're able, try having sex. Seminal fluid helps ripen the cervix and is a natural inducer.

  8. That outfit looks so comfortable!! I just had my baby 2 weeks ago and dressing comfortable was so had towards the end of my pregnancy. I had all my contractions in my back (worst thing ever) but everyone I know with kids all had them in their stomach. I've heard that back labor is way worse than regular (stomach) labor. Good luck with your delivery!!


  9. Ur almost all white outfit with the colorful elephant is fabulous ;) Lovin' Vans, they're so comfy!

  10. Hi Delmy! You've looked great throughout your entire pregnancy :-). I've been following your site for over a year and your style is inspiring. I started following another blog this year, 9to5chic.com, and the blogger announced her pregnancy around the same time as you and gave birth about a week ago. You two have very distinct styles but there is a subtle similarity between both of you, particularly your current interest in Valentino shoes.

  11. To read about your journey has been inspirational. I hope for all the best for you, and I hope things start happening soon. Still stunning.

  12. I remember when I hit my due date. I was full of anticipation... then nothing happened. I ended up going to 41 weeks! Wishing you and baby the best! <3

  13. Hola guapa! He visto en Instagram que sigues a la espera de que llegue tu bebé. Mucho ánimo y aprovecha a descansar porque en cuanto llegue no vas a parar!



  14. You look adorable!!! Congrats and God bless you!


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