Sharing what I wish I was wearing now.  With all this beautiful chaos I haven't had the time to dress up or even shop for clothes. Kevin and I have been spending more time at Home Goods and other furniture stores. To be honest, I enjoy it a lot more. :-)

xo, Delmy



I have been posting a lot less, but I promise to step it up soon. I been so busy with the house and trying to get shit organized.  Every time I see my clothes in boxes I just want to SCREAM. I hate it!
And to add more to it, I have a cold. 

Anyway, here are some Insta photos of my selfies, Gavin, and my updated kitchen.

xo, Delmy



Wearing: Zara top | vintage skirt | J.crew ballet flats
Gavin got his shots and he's been fussy and crying all day. Meaning we didn't get any sleep at all.
So here's a quick post of me wearing my vintage leather skirt again. It's my new favorite skirt, so you'll be seeing a lot of it. 

Gonna try and squeeze in a nap now. 

xo, Delmy



 Wearing: Truth & Pride blazer | Romwe dress | Sebastian sandals

As you can see I went into the floral box again. For some reason getting dressed this way makes me wear the pieces I've have neglected for a long time. Like this blazer and these Sebastian sandals. Last time I wore them was last Fall and this time I wore them to date night with Kevin. Thanks to my dearest mom for staying with my baby G.

xo, Delmy



Wearing: American Apparel bodysuit | Asos skirt | Asos earrings | Stella McCartney sandals

It's been a while since I've posted, I know. It's been pretty hectic and annoying. Looking for what to wear in boxes is not fun. Can't wait to get this closet done. In the meantime follow me on Instagram to see my little G, the progress on my casa, selfies, and other shizz.

xo, Delmy


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