December 3, 2013

I just put Gavin down for a nap and that leaves me about 20 minutes to share these Thanksgiving photos. 
I spent it at Kevin's Uncle's house in North Carolina. I loved it there. It was so warm and peaceful, plus Kevin's Aunt cooking is so damn good. I think I might've gained 5 pounds from all the goodies.
 Can't wait to go back again. Love you Uncle Bob & Aunt Ag!

xo, Delmy

Melissa Pereira said...

Delmy you look great! I LOVE those flats!


Natalie Suarez said...

YOU TWO ROCK! u look amazing as always x

Natalie Off Duty

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit, lovely pics!


Kenzie Leigh said...

Cute dress and your hair is so long now! I like it!

Whitney James said...

Love those flats! Glad you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. XO!


Sol Fontanez said...

Love the dress, you look amazing!

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