Christmas is only weeks away and if you're like me, you're already struggling with what to give the men in your life. Well, I'm here to help.

First let me tell you that Kevin does not wear cologne and I have never been a fan of cologne on men either;  It always seemed overpowering. But, last night I sprayed a bit of Ralph Lauren's new cologne Polo Red, on him and I fell in love...again. It's like a love potion. The scent is sexy, woodsy, and fresh.

Polo Red is definitely a winner.

xo, Delmy

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  1. Hey Delmy,
    I'm the opposite of you--I LOVE the smell of cologne. My husband was indifferent, but now he wears it just for me. I was in ULTA the other night, so when I saw POLO Red I had to smell it to see if it was as good as you describe. YOU WERE RIGHT! I had to buy it for my love for Christmas. Thanks for the suggestion!



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