(XOXO Top, Vintage skirt)
Hello my lovelies! How was your weekend? I spent most of mine packing. My room is full of boxes and I cannot stand all this clutter! Moving is definitely not a fun process. 

Anyway, good news! I'm teaming up with XOXO once again to give you another chance to win a $600 shopping spree! Wee! So lets put our phones down and ENTER! All you have to do is vote for me.
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xo, Delmy



Asos dress | Topshop blazer | Madewell bag | Kate Spade earrings | Valentino flats

 The perfec way to make a Spring dress work for Fall.

xo, Delmy



Wearing: J.Crew Sweatshirt | Asos skirt | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | Artemis Design loafers

 My hair is a bit lighter, yes. But It's only temporary. I went a little lighter just to achieve a Caramel Brown. Lets see how that goes.

Now on to non related beauty news; I have been staying with my mom while my Kevin's been working on our house. Finally in two weeks we'll be moving in and start decorating! I CANNOT wait, although it will be bittersweet. I'm such a mommy's girl and I will miss her so much even though I will make sure to see her often. That lady is my EVERYTHING.

Anyway, (getting teary eyed) off to bed. Tomorrow is Gavin's One month appointment and I'm excited to find out how big he is. Nighty night!

xo, Delmy



 I'm back on my heels, but not for very long. I just took them out for a test drive with my new XOXO vest. It felt a little weird. Kinda lost my strut haha.

So do you love my look? Then vote for me on FashionIndie to enter to win a $600 shopping spree from XOXOVote here!
xo, Delmy



 When it comes to my hair, I love to experiment with color. For that reason, it is important that my hair is strong and healthy. Damaged hair is one of my pet peeves, so I am always trying new hair treatments that will keep my hair looking great.

Today, I tried out L’OrĂ©al Paris Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution, an intense, leave-in treatment that instantly helps target fragile, weak points to reinforce and refortify even breakage-prone hair.

And the results are in: I am so happy with this treatment. My hair feels stronger, it looks healthier, and it feels healthier. There was a lot less breakage and even my hair color looks rich. And what’s even better is that I don’t have to spend crazy money to keep my hair healthy. I’m definitely keeping Triple Resist with me for the long haul!

xo, Delmy



My baby is 3 weeks old! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter and I keep falling deeply in love with him. 

So I know it's about 7 weeks until Halloween, but I found Gavin's costume and it is so damn adorable! I cannot wait to share it with you guys!

xo, Delmy



 I think towards my third trimester I got so comfortable wearing flats that I don't miss high heels that much. I'm more into sneakers, flats, or short chunky heels. Not saying I'm giving up on my stilettos, Just saying that I love my new satin mary jane flats. . :-)

xo, Delmy


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