Shades of Brown


Wearing: Club Monaco sweater | Zara skirt | J.crew necklace | Saks Fifth Ave Boots

Last Winter I had given up on tall boots because my calves were too big, but now that I've lost weight, I can finally start shopping around for boots, especially for a Gray suede pair.

In the meantime I am enjoying my new pair that scored for half price through Brandzaffair from Saks. Before heading to the direct website, head over to brandzaffair and they'll you know which stores are having a sale or you can simply search for what you're looking for and explore more options.
Sometimes you're looking for one specific thing and you end up falling in love with something else. Happens to me all the time. 
Now on a festive note, hope all of you have Happy New Year! May this new year bring you lots of love, success, and most importantly lots of health. Thank you for always following me through my ups and downs. 


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Midi Red Dress


Wearing: Zara Hat, dress and sweater | Rachel Comey boots

Hope you guys enjoyed my last post. Now here is what I wore on Christmas day. You know, a little Red for the holiday. And of course it's featuring my two favorite men.
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So, how was everyone's Christmas? I spent mine with my little family of course. It was so great to see Gavin actually open his gifts. Of course he only cared for the toys, he tossed all the clothing to the side. Seeing that little face laugh is everything to me. 

Here are a few photos from our Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning.
 Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.
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Zara Turtleneck | Asos leggings | Manolo Blahnik sandals

Wore this last month in North Carolina. Completely forgot to post it. Gavin leaves me very little time to get online, so I pretty much forget a lot of things. Oh if you're thinking it, yes, this outfit was inspired by Mrs. Kim Kardashian. There's a first time for everything. :-)

On another note, I can't believe Christmas is in 2 days. I feel like I just had Gavin in my arms, spitting up and now he's trying to climb the gate we have to block him from getting to the Christmas tree. He loves testing me. He looks at me before does something he's not suppose to do, and when I yell out NO, he laughs. As exhausted as I am, he sure is a joy to my heart. How are you handling your little toddlers this Holiday?
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Elisa & Lily from StyleLikeU have created a movement for self- acceptance and I am joining them and so should you. Haven't you at some point felt you weren't good enough? I know I have. 

Growing up I was teased about my body. I was too skinny and flat chested or I was too tall. In my late teens I developed the curves I got from my momma. Then I was too fat. Still today, I am making someone mad about my body. Do I care? No. Because I believe those people that leave such negative comments are nothing but bullies and miserable people. The only thing that matters is that YOU love your body. You don't need acceptance from anyone but yourself. So love your Skinny, Curvy, Plus Size, Stretch, Cellulite body. Wear what you want to wear. Be who you want to be. You are beautiful are you are.
Join the movement by spreading the word on Instagram #IAMWHATSUNDERNEATH and/or donate here to support this amazing thing Elisa and Lily are doing.  Hip Hip Hooray!

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 I had a little time to go through the things that don't fit me anymore. So hopefully you will help me get rid of them. No sense in keeping them when someone else can get a lot of use of them. 

So to start off here is this WAREHOUSE faux fur coat I got from Asos. Wore it a couple times and it's in great condition. Size US M | $100-
J.crew Pink Wool Cashmere Coat | Size US 8 | Great condition | $230
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals | Size US 8 | Good condition, minor scuff (shown in picture) | $150
Stella McCartney Sandals | Size US 8 | Good condition | $260 
Christian Louboutin Nude Crosspiga pumps | Size US 8.5 | Great condition, only small scuff behind the heel on the left shoe, shoe repair might be able to fix them. I love these shoes so much, but sadly my new feet don't fit into them. | Selling them for $340
 That's all for now. Email me at if interested.

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Because everything oversize is so much better, for me at least.

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