With everything going on my life, I barely have time for myself, let alone my hair. So I thought this was the perfect time to get a pixie cut. 
Momma we'll both have our pixies!



Hey babes, I will be taking a break for a few months. Right now nothing is as important as taking care of my family. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook for updates. I Apologize if I brought your day down with this video. See you later.

Love, Delmy



I normally don't like posting anything about my personal life especially if it's about my hard times. But I need to vent. Sometimes you don't get everything out of your system through talking and honestly right now I need all the prayer and encouragement I can get. So I am going to share what I am currently going through. It's been 3 days since my Mother was admitted. She has gone through a very rough surgery and is currently very weak. There's more to it, but I would like to keep that part to myself. She has always been a strong woman. Always. And to see her this way when she can barely say a word to me or look me in the eyes breaks my heart into a million pieces. I'm trying so hard to stay strong and stay sane not only because I need my strength to hold it down for her, but I also need to take care of my little one. I am so afraid you guys. I don't want to lose her. There is so much more that she needs to see. But like my brother said we can't break. We have to try our hardest to keep our faith in God and believe that she will be okay. SHE WILL BE OKAY. SHE WILL STAY. SHE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. My mom always said yo nunca me doy por vencida (she never gives up). So I have to know that deep down shes fighting hard and believing in our Lord. Some of you may like me, love me, hate me. I don't know, but if you can find it in your heart to add us to your prayer tonight, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Love, Delmy



 (Makeup Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014)
So I'm gonna start by saying I LOVE ​TEMPTU. I always wanted to try airbrush makeup, but I thought I was not gonna able to do it right. So glad I was given the chance to try it. The coverage is amazing, I didn't even use concealer! That's huge for me, because I have raccoon eyes. Here's a short video of me using my TEMPTU airbrush system!

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 xo, Delmy


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