Wearing: Zara Trench | Asos boyfriend tee | Zara trousers | J.crew espadrilles

Here are some photos from our mini vacation at Atlantic City. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
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Since the weather has gotten a little warm I've started taking walks to the park with Gavin. It's relaxing, it wakes me up from my sleepless nights, plus Gavin loves it. I always wear sneakers to take my walks, I'd be a fool to wear heels.
So what better time to wear my new kicks I got from JD Sports. I normally wouldn't do such a bright color in sneakers, but I love these and Airmax 1 is one of my favorite sneakers, In fact it was my first pair of Nike's.
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Throughout my pregnancy I never bought maternity clothes and I'm glad I didn't. This dress was more like a top when I was pregnant, but now it's perfect to wear on those hot humid days like it was this week in Atlantic City.

Kevin has a beach house in AC, so every Summer, even some Winters we go to down there to spend time. This week we took Gavin with us and he loved it. Can't wait to go back when he's walking.
I'll post some photos, in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram.

By the way had a little snip, snip...getting closer to my bob!

Have a great long weekend!
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Thanks again for the support I received from my last post.  I wish I could hug each and every one of you! 
Wearing: Zara embellished tee | Madewell denim skirt | Manolo Blahnik Sandals
Here's another Madewell skirt that fits! Getting dressed up is getting fun again. The only thing not so fun is my hair. Though I love my pixie, it's growing so fast and now it's more like a pixie bob. If you asked me, Delmy, would I do it again? HELL NO. I have too much hair for this haircut and it's definitely high maintenance. So now it's just a waiting game until I get back to my original bob.
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I have been getting some negative comments as to why I continued to blog. Some think I should focus on my family instead of blogging. Here's the thing, though that sounds like the right thing to do, it is not the healthy for me. I am 100% committed to my family, but I have to take care of myself too. I created Fashion Bananas almost 6 years ago; It's become a part of me, a part of my life. It's something that I enjoy because it takes my mind off  the hard times that I am going through. It's an escape. So with that said, if you don't support what I'm doing then just let it go and live your life the way you want to live it. Don't be heartless and post negative shit.  Here's what I wore last week to "escape" with my Kev. I'm so happy I finally fit into one of my favorite midi skirts!
Wearing: Asos cami | Asos cardigan | Alexa chung x Madewell skirt | J.crew Elephant necklace | Alexander Wang mules
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XO, Delmy


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