Wearing: Zara top | American Apparel linen shorts | Zara sandals (old)
Gavin: Gap tee | H&M shorts

Sharing one of my favorite post with you guys before I head back to New York to visit my Mom. 
I just these photos with Gavin. I can't believe how big he's gotten. Everyone thinks he's 1 yr old! Speaking of 1 yr old, I've started working on his birthday invitations. I'm so excited about his birthday theme. It won't be a character, just because kids at this age don't pay attention to that stuff and what if next year he chooses the same character I choose for him this year?  Anyway,  I can't wait for August, too many good things happening.
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Hey guys, I wanted to let you know about this project that just launched, The Ribbon Project. I love their concept and of course it's very close to my heart. The Ribbon Project delivers your hopeful messages and positive energy to those battling Cancer and other diseases. I remember feeling hopeless when the doctor told me my Mom had Cancer. Just imagine what these people are going through. Thankfully I had you guys and amazing friends to support me,  the beautiful words of encouragement you guys left for me and my mom helped a lot. So I hope that you can do the same for these people.

All you have to do is visit  The Ribbon Project Facebook page, pick a patient, leave a comment and they'll hand write your message and deliver it to the patient under your name. Isn't that sweet?!

You can learn more about it here. Hope I've motivated you in some way to brighten someones day.
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Wearing: J.Crew tee | Levi Jeans | Sabine cuff | Alexander Wang Mules

As you can see I am slowly getting back to the groove of things. It's very hard to balance everything out, especially when I have to be constantly traveling back and forth from New Jersey to New York to visit my Mom. But even through the sleepless nights, I enjoy my family and I enjoy and the time I spend with my parents and I appreciate Kevin for helping me and pushing me to continue to blog. 

Love you guys too, duh.
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I remember my mom wearing Birkenstocks and I remember crying every time she wore them. I hated them. Now? Not so much, but I still don't think I'd wear them. I much rather see them on other girls and babies of course.  So if you're loving the slides trend, but not crazy about the Birks, here are a few alternatives that I think would look so much prettier with your summer dresses.
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Wearing: Zara top | American Apparel skirt | Zara sandals, Silver hoop earrings

What I wore for Father's day to spend the day with my two beautiful men.

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 Wearing: American Apparel cropped tank top | Topshop skirt (old) | Vanessa Mooney necklace | B Brian Atwood sandals

In case you have not noticed, my hair is a bit lighter. I thought some highlights would help the awkward stage looks better, but no. The fact that I can curl my hair now is what did the trick. I missed my curls so much. Now I don't have to comb my hair for the next few days. haha

Here are some photos Kev shot during the weekend. 

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Just came across this beauty and it's on sale! Get these Alexander Wang mules here.

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Wearing: Zara top | Zara pants |Asos earring | Zara Sandals

After all my hard work, (and by hard work I mean not doing any night time snacking) I finally can let my tummy breathe. I'm not at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I am okay and I am happy.
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