So Almay sent me their Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup to try out. I am not the best at editing, but I hope by watching this video you are able to love this product as much I do. One of the reasons I love this is because it allows the cream to adjust to the color of your skin. At first I was like " What the hell, why is it White" But I blended I saw that it was starting to match my skin tone. The coverage is light and it feels like you just put on moisturizer and left the house. It's perfect for a quick and go, which is my usual. I don't like spending too much time on makeup, except for special occasions.  Plus, they only carry 3 shades so you don't have to go crazy trying to find your match out of 20 different shades!  Now go ahead and click play and let me know your thoughts.

(I am wearing Light/Medium)

(The main focus is Almay Smart Shade makeup. please email if you would like know additional details
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Wearing: Zara top | Vintage skirt | Vintage earrings | M Kors sandals
You already know how I feel about this skirt. It still remains as one of my favorite skirts. Not only because it's a midi skirts which is always my go to, but the print and color is so tropical and bright. I should wear it every week! Anyway, here's how I wore it in Florida. 

By the way, my hair is no longer this color. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I had a little accident where my hair turned light green and I had to correct it. I dyed it a Light Golden Brown and I'm loving it so much more. Check it out on my IG page!
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Since the Summer I have been dreading the idea of putting bathing suit on. One, because of my stretch marks and two, because I am still not at my pre-pregnancy weight. Would've had 7 pounds to lose, but I gained some weight in Florida. Anyway, It was too hot and I had to give in and not give a F**K.  I should be proud of myself; I lost 50 pounds! I've always been a curvy girl and I love that about me. I could never be super skinny and quite honestly I don't think I could ever get there even if I tried, I love eating!  I also  have not worked out since Gavin, well maybe once. I find it pretty hard to find time for it and when I do, I just want to relax and spend time with my family OR maybe take a nap. So for now Gavin will be all the workout I need.
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 Wearing: Zara Jumpsuit | B Brian Atwood sandals | Anne Klein bracelet

I just got back from Florida and though it was fun, it feels good to be home and get some rest. 
Gavin has been teething so Kevin and I didn't get much sleep in Florida.  

Thanks to my niece keeping him entertained, I can finally post.
So how cute is this jumpsuit? Wore it to lunch with Kevin and then wore it to the playground with flats.
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Wearing: H&M top | Zara pants | J.crew bracelet | Free People sandals  

Sometimes trying to shoot with Gavin is pretty hard. It's annoying to keep taking the stroller out and sometimes he's very sleepy which turns into fussiness. So last Saturday I decided to shoot in my yard. I think it worked out pretty good, no?

By the way my sister came down to visit my mom from Kansas city. They stopped by yesterday, brought my mom along and spent the whole day with lil G and me. So sad they had to leave, but happy I got to spend with them. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Florida to visit my mother in law and I'm kinda worried of how Gavin will behave. He's not a crier, he's just like to babble, A LOT.  I find it cute, but not sure how the rest of the passengers will feel about it.
To be continued...
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Wearing: Zara top | J Brand jeans | Vintage earrings | Alexander Wang mules

Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day!

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