Since the Summer I have been dreading the idea of putting bathing suit on. One, because of my stretch marks and two, because I am still not at my pre-pregnancy weight. Would've had 7 pounds to lose, but I gained some weight in Florida. Anyway, It was too hot and I had to give in and not give a F**K.  I should be proud of myself; I lost 50 pounds! I've always been a curvy girl and I love that about me. I could never be super skinny and quite honestly I don't think I could ever get there even if I tried, I love eating!  I also  have not worked out since Gavin, well maybe once. I find it pretty hard to find time for it and when I do, I just want to relax and spend time with my family OR maybe take a nap. So for now Gavin will be all the workout I need.
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  1. You're gorgeous Delmy and your body is FLAWLESS even with stretch marks (which, by the way, are hardly noticeable). Even so, they are so worth it for the adorable little man that you and Kevin now share.

  2. I had a baby 11 weeks ago--my fourth. And I am still 25 lbs. over my pre-pregnancy weight. It is one of the hardest battles to overcome and I remember doing it with all of my children. I did a post about this a couple of weeks ago (Dear Frannie Friday--Accepting Baby Weight or something like that). It is so hard to get back into shape and even harder to accept yourself while you try.

    Know this--I've been a reader of yours for a LONG time. And I think you have always been beautiful. And on top of all you are personally going through on top of being a new mother--you should be proud of yourself. You look AMAZING and you are rocking that suit!

  3. you look fantastic!!;)

  4. You look gorgeous! I understand your plight I have an 19 month old and have still yet to totally recover!

  5. You are my heart.

    . furnished .

  6. Your hair looks perfect.

  7. gorg!


  8. 676
    Sex + Astrology = The Key

  9. 622p

    I have been basking in the sun all day. I sat in my green chair on the 13th step, and as the sun sailed across the sky naturally the shadow that the trees in my front yard were casting started to cover me in cool shade.

    I moved to the 12th step to get the full rays of the sun as they beamed down, watching cars casually drive by.

    Eventually I had to move again to the 11th step along with my two glass cups; one of freshly juiced lemons and the second filled with filtered primo water from walmart.

    I saw a rabbit sitting in the cool shade by his bush and many songbirds sang their tunes. To my right on the electrical wires between the street lamps was a turtle dove. He sat peacefully their for some time, not bothered by the sirens of the city or passing cars. A second turtle dove joined him and they sat close to one another.

    The turtles doves very rapidly took turns cleaning one another's feathers. They sat together for quite some time. Then I saw one fly away. They are in LOVE.


    . sorting .

  10. 633 I do uhmm alot of "research" on women and you are the sexiest one right now. Keep it up and work to keep that #1 spot. You make a ton of people feel really good, when they see you feeling so sexy and good. Thanks for sharing you love with us. You thing believe or not keeps the world spinning upright on its axis. Please please please continue with even more passion, even more love, and even more genius to the table. Your desire and passion for this art is stunning and your inspire so many families with what you do. Keep pushing and bucking forward because you are doing someones best. Remember your roots and why you fell in love with this art from its inception. Dig deeper and keep your head on your shoulders and remember your beauty is a guide and a shining light in the darkness for many many many people. Keep being a lighthouse and bringing to the forefront the truth of beauty and fashion. Remember yourself and keep growing. Your son came into this world because of your love, art, and passion for fashion not in spite of it. To quit would be contradictory to who are and how your son came into this world. He chose you and you chose him because of your mutual love for what you have already started and are building in this world and he will always love you for it. So don't change what works to well, just know that you have ADDED a bit to the strong foundation you already have. Your house is built on the rock not on sand. You will neither be moved nor shaken. You are a strong humble common average women and to some you are even as great as a Goddess. You get sexier and fuller as a women everyday and we all look forward to continuing to see you grow as a individual autonomous being and also as a family with your tiny man and not so tiny man. Keep going keep pressing keep pushing. Remember what makes NY fashion great and even more remember what makes your art form great. You have invested you love and passion into this Blog and the followers you have in ways are closer and know more than even family. You are a guide and a saint and your body is fucking banging. sorry just had to say. That black swimsuit makes me almost jizz my pants on you and remember everyone women initiate was a prostitute before she became enlightened. i.e. Mary Magdalene who put the perfume on Jesus feet. Please continue to embody the Goddess for us All. Embrace your ecstasy as a women both on your feet and lying down. When you orgasm may the earth tremble and new waterfalls be born. I love you and I bow to you and I beg you to please keep blossoming and blooming because I know you have to much more to give to your fans and to the world. I know you have so much more to yourself that we haven't seen. We all love you so very deeply and we would all be lost without you. If only the 'word' could truly make you feel how important what you are doing is for us all. I beg you to keep following your guide and to keep inspiring us.

    There is a man on you tube and his videos average around 7,000-10,000 views but someone will take his video and post it elsewhere and it will garner over millions of you. You never know how far your net of influence may be and their is no purer form than that of a women in love. She is our Mama and healer and the one who can keep us all. We need you Delmy and if the most we can have everyday is your blog please don't take that from us. Please continue to give to us through your love for this Fashion Art.
    p.s. Your smile is the only thing I ever need to see. I love you so dearly you will never know.

    So keep raising the roof with your passion for this fashion and art. You don't stop in the middle and you never quit. Once you got em going don't stop. $$$$ ^_^


    A Loyal Fan.

  11. All prayers for the guts.

  12. The Best.

    . Agree .

  13. "Don bay gassin me up, Papi Chulo!" Nah Nah you need 2 chill, hombre.


    . wrinkled .

  14. 717P

    . ACCEPTED .

    Christ, The sun of god returns in the sky every day. All thoughts are a product and derivative of congealed sunlight. Fresh sunshine equals fresh thoughts. A warmed skull in the sun will achieve clear and will have no thought or enlightenment. A pure awareness. A heated spinal cord to produce a warm nervous system to feel the breeze on the surface of the moist eyeballs. A imagination formed into a tree root system to strap tightly to the earth rock. *green lantern




    . citizens .

  16. Very nice pics! You look so gorgeous and wow you got back to your pre-pregnancy body fast!

  17. 817 dis nigga bad dis nigga mean. LOL

    . sting .

  18. 822

    Thank you for bearing your human side to us and allowing us to be with through your tough times.

    Thank you for revealing more important things than the art of fashion like family and illness that can be very serious, but that also fashion is a way to help us sail through the rough patches in life and that it inspires us to keep moving forward with our chins up. Fashion is human. In fact it is what makes us human. Fashion gives us dignity and the ability to change our own skin at will. Please please please bring us more of what you love and have caused us all to love with you as well.

    Every rose has its thorns and moving forward with anything of greatness can be sticky. Keep those wheels turning. 833

    And remember a new set of your photos might just be the highlight of someones day and it may be the best part of their day. ;)

    Your are becoming very well rounded.

    I look forward to continuing to watch your growth as you blossom and bloom here under the sun.

    Remember, in the words of the wise King Solomon, "There is nothing new under the sun."

    You know who, what, when, where, why, and how it is by now and you know your own guide. Keep up everything you got going on and keep building on the solid rock of Christ. We believe in you and we trust that you believe in yourself too.

    "Follow your Northern Lights."

    You are work is so valuable to so many. Thank you so much Delmy. Please send your mother and her caretakers my warmest regards.

    Yours Truly,


  19. I n I saw a cloud today right after the turtle doves that looked like a giant wispy Thunderbird.

    . nothing .

  20. sincere or sarcastic. maybe tomorrow maybe never. someway somehow.

  21. You called, I answered. It may not have been right away, but once I felt it vibrating I picked that thing up right away. ^_^

    . which .

    bzzzzzzzzz like a Bee.

  22. I can't get over your smile, it is just to perfect. I love you so much. Thanks for finally brightening my day.


  23. 855 strive for greatness. so clique. Im just tryna get through day so f u pay me.


    . pasti .

  24. You look gorgeous!

    Germany doesn't provide bikini weather today...

  25. You are absolutely beautiful Delmy.

  26. Oh lady, you look glowing, as you should. This has given me the confidence to put my suit on and go for it, 4 months after my girl was born. I've been dreading it until now. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Delmy, pero que sretch marks are you talking about mujer? You look amazing y hasta ni pareces que tuviste a tu bebe. Your body looks amazing, and you will get in your ideal weight before you know it. I wish I could rock a two piece like this, like you just did mama!

  28. I know the black rim glasses, longer hair, lipstick, etc. etc. yada yada yada da da da da da #TBT is nice. It is a good look for the time. I am sorry but you are way sexier now. I know girls at younger ages think they are "all that and a bag of chips" but you are so much more fuller and sexier now. You have a greater wisdom in your eyes and frankly I would rather jump your bones now that #TBT. got damn you are so fucking sexy now. I know you felt and were sexy back than but you are like a fine bottle of wine that gets better with age. Pregnant women and moms are way sexier to than a young girl who thinks she knows it all. Maybe I'm gettin to deep now but seriously you are so live and living in full color now. I fucking love it. I bet you taste good too, I wanna sniff you. ^_^

    . successively .


    Septembers Finest One Lives

  29. Please do a #TBT every Thursday.

  30. I love you Ma'! I hope you been sleeping better at Night. If not I hope you have found sweetness and peace in the darkness. I miss you lots and I wish I could hold you right now. Sweet dreams and give lots of love to your little family. My heart always,


  31. Skinny is not the only beautiful body. You look very lovely!

  32. I am that I am

    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

  33. Honestly, you just look fabulous Darling. I hope you feel the same.

  34. What a beautiful post. Thank you for being vulnerable with us! You are both beautiful and courageous and I am in awe of you. The other day I commented to my husband that we don't see women in movies with "normal bodies" that are also beautiful, we only see the size 00, 20 something year olds and it really skews your perception of beauty.

    Well done.



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