I love this time of year, when it's still warm enough to wear a short dress and chilly enough to throw a jacket over.  I own so many blazers, I just love what they do to a simple outfit.  Can't wait to start wearing them this Fall. 
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The birthday theme was Gavin's Candy Bar. It all started with a chance of rain, which freaked me out because the party was planned to be outdoors. Thankfully the sun came out and everything turned out great. But before that I had to calm myself down because I was not happy with the cake. It was delivered lopsided, supposedly because of the heat and what not, but also the design wasn't exactly what we discussed. But Gavin was having a good time making silly faces to people so why be a debbie downer about it, right? Plus the cake was delicious and I had my mother with me. And although she wasn't feeling too great, she made an effort to be part of our special day. I didn't get a chance to shoot a lot of photos which sucks, but my niece was able to shoot a few. 
 Smashing session
After all the mess he made, bath time was necessary. 
Gavin's Chalkboard that my Mom had made for him. 
Wish I had more photos to share, but this is it. Until next year! Mommy loves you sooo much Gavin! (he will read this some day)

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Wearing: Zara tee | J Brand jeans | J.crew bracelet | Madewell pumps

 I don't really wear a lot of flare jeans, I think it's because sometimes they can look too "costumey" you  know, like I just popped out of the 70s show. But the fact that I can fit into these again makes me love them all over again. I paired them with a simple slightly cropped tee and leopard pumps for a little edge.

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Wearing: Asos tee | J.Crew skirt | J.crew Bracelet | B Brian Atwood sandals | Bite Beauty Lip Pencil in Quince- Rose Berry

My hair is dark again! I know, I'm always messing with my hair. But Summer is almost over and I like my hair dark for Fall. Plus dark hair looks a lot healthier. Anyway,  I bought this J.Crew skirt about 4 months ago knowing it wouldn't fit, why? Well, to motivate me to lose weight. A few days ago I tried it on and here ya go, it fits! I also bought a fuchsia dress that I have yet to try on. Hoping it will fit for Gavin's birthday this Saturday.  So Excited! My chunk is turning 1!
Okay I'll stop now, Momma's gotta get her beauty sleep. 
Love ya to pieces!
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Wearing: J.Crew Collection dress | Dolce Vita sandals
 Taking advantage that Gavin is taking a nap to make this quick post. I wore this dress a month ago and I completely forgot about posting the look. I believe I wore this to dinner for Father's day with Kevin and my Father in Law. I can't believe how much my hair has grown in a month. It's definitely time for a trim.  I'm off to get ready now. My niece Cathy is Finally visiting from Kansas City and I cannot wait to spend time with her. It's been too long! 
Have a fun weekend!
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Wearing: American Apparel top | Zara skirt | B Brian Atwood sandals

Here's my last outfit post from my Florida vacation. I'll admit I kinda think this skirt is not flattering on me. It makes looks a lot curvier no? Oh well,  but I still love it.

XO, Delmy


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