Wearing: Zara cardigan | Gap sweater | American apparel skirt | AE jeans | Zara hat | Gypsies & Debutantes necklace | Gucci sandals

In this post I am wearing a maxi skirt over my jeans. I love how it peeks out of my long cardigan as if it were part of it.  And the fact that it was very windy worked in my favor because it gave my skirt the perfect movement.
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  1. omg! I love this outfit!! ugh so perfect, i can't even. And those shoes are just pure love.

  2. Adore everything about this outfit!


    Seems like you had it just yesterday. i can't believe our little Gavin has grown so fast!

  4. so cute!!

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  5. You are so adorable! I adore you and your style!

  6. Love that hat! The brim is the perfect width and it looks so pretty in the navy!

  7. I love your shoes! they are so adorable <3


  9. Purple nails not a bad choice !

  10. Your little hands draw back like kitten paws when i touch them.

  11. Delmy I love your hat and the look overall! Stylish Mommy :)

  12. In love with your shoes!

  13. Great look :)


  14. Hello Delmy, I have never left a comment here before.
    But I read you post "Curves are her to stay" and it hurt me personally that women being so low.
    I have been a size 12 and am now a size 2-4, and let me be honest: people will always find a reason to criticize you.
    When I was big the only thing they could call me was fat, because I (like you) was never ugly, now that I am skinny they call me sick/ ill and say they are worried about me.
    People will always find what is wrong with you, so they don't have to deal with what is wrong with them.

    But from a standpoint of an 26-year-old woman, I am sad to say the it are not the men of this world who are sexist but women, it are not the men in this world who put women down and it are not the men in this world who are causing gender discrepancies but self-conscious, insecure, frustrated women who find time in their miserable lives to spread hatred to a young mother who is enjoying the first years with her son. Because of this these women to me are superficial, shallow and therefore worthless as a human being. Compassion and empathy is what distinguishes us from animals and they certainly do not have that, or maybe they lack a proper up-bringing but whatever it is, please let e tell you something:
    you are incredibly gorgeous and sexy in a very clasy and sophisticated way.
    You do not look good "for someone who had a baby", you just look good. Even if you would put on a couple of pounds you would still look amazingly stunning.
    This is my honest opinion.

    I come by this blog every now and then to see what this gorgeous, attractive, creative and talented woman (you) has been up to. That's how it is.

    Enjoy the time with your family, love hard, laugh harder because life happens off-screen.

    Sending you my sincerest admiration,
    xoxo Lejla


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