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Oh the magic of Black...under this sweatshirt there is 4 pounds that I gained in North Carolina!
Ugh I worked so hard and now I have to start  ALL  OVER. So far I have lost 2 pounds. In case you're wondering how I am losing weight. Well, I am not working out at all, I'm sure if I did I'd melt more pounds, but with Gavin I don't have the time. So for now, my work out is staying active chasing my chunk around the house.  Plus I eat a lot less, but I never starve. I eat whatever I want in moderation. Depriving yourself from the foods you love is just ridiculous.

In the Morning I usually have a cup of coffee or tea and orange juice with a small bowl of cream wheat. Farina to be exact.  NEVER skip breakfast. I use to do that a lot and I've noticed it gave me a lot of headaches and left me feeling weak. Then in between I drink about 3 glasses of water. 

For Lunch I'll have peanut butter sandwich with a banana, tuna fish sandwich, or. Again in between lots of water and maybe snack on some carrots and hummus.

Then for Dinner, I eat whatever I want but in a small portion, like a side of veggies with Chicken, Tilapia or Salmon. And if it's something very greasy like Pizza. I'll just have one. ( I usually have 3, don't judge >:-? )  Almost for forgot, I like to have dinner from 5-6pm. I find I burn a few calories by the time it's Gavin's bedtime. And then finish it off with lots of Agua and a Chamomile tea before bedtime.

 You're probably like where's dessert? It's very rare I crave sweets. All the baking I do is for Kevin, he is the sweets freak. but if you get in the mood always have half of it. :-)

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  1. Yay ! *claps hands

    Geez cory you didnt' have to Geez

    666 KKK 666

  2. You look so chic! Love those shoes!

  3. I love this !! So cool and inspirational!




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