Zara Turtleneck | Asos leggings | Manolo Blahnik sandals

Wore this last month in North Carolina. Completely forgot to post it. Gavin leaves me very little time to get online, so I pretty much forget a lot of things. Oh if you're thinking it, yes, this outfit was inspired by Mrs. Kim Kardashian. There's a first time for everything. :-)

On another note, I can't believe Christmas is in 2 days. I feel like I just had Gavin in my arms, spitting up and now he's trying to climb the gate we have to block him from getting to the Christmas tree. He loves testing me. He looks at me before does something he's not suppose to do, and when I yell out NO, he laughs. As exhausted as I am, he sure is a joy to my heart. How are you handling your little toddlers this Holiday?
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  1. perfect grey look

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  2. I'm so happy God has blessed you with a humorous baby! You look fabulous.

    xoxo, Debby

  3. Love this look! :) I definitely need those pants :)


  4. In love with this entire look. Those Manolo's, gorgeous.

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