Long Bomber


Wearing: Kai-aakmann long bomber | Choies sweatshirt | AE jeans | Zara hat | Coclico boots

Shot these photos last week and I am just now remembering that I did. Thanks Gavin. 
So how about that snow storm? I don't like snow, but for some reason I was actually looking forward to it.  So much drama for nothing. At least we were able to stay safe.
Hope you all had a nice time in your home sweet home.

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Outfit of the Day


Hope this inspires your weekend outfit of the day. Happy Friday!

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Scooter Booties


I've been a long time fan of Etsy. Every time I want something specific, I look for it on Etsy and I succeed or end up buying more than what I was looking for.  Now sometimes with Gavin, I have a hard time looking for cute clothes for him. Most of them I am just not a fan of or the quality is terrible. I like Gavin to look cute not like a little thug. Anyway, I came across this shop, Scooter Booties by Britt. She makes the most adorable booties. They reasonably priced and with Gavin's chunky feet, I don't have to struggle to get them on him. They're also lined with faux sherpa for your little ones sensitive feet.  

I chose this herringbone print, but I want more!
Check them out, your little one won't disappointed.
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Wearing: French Connection coat (similar coat) | Gap turtleneck | Madewell skirt | Michael Kors 

I got a few emails asking me about my M. Kors boots. A lot of you had trouble getting into them and believe me I feel your pain. These boots don't have a zipper, so if you have a high instep like I do, you're gonna have to do some pushing and sweating. I am usually a size 8, but I did go up to an 8.5 because I could not get my foot into the smaller size. Maybe someone with a flat foot will have less trouble. But I do suggest you go a half size up. Hope I helped and you get the chance to enjoy this timeless beauty.

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LBD + Cardigan


Wearing: American Apparel dress | Zara cardigan | Zara Hat | Prada booties

As you can see, if it's not a turtleneck, it's a little black dress. Two pieces you can't go wrong with in this cold weather. I know, I am wearing a short dress, but I gotta keep it cute for Mr. Lawton. haha plus I added an oversized cardigan to stay warm. 

I know we just got into Winter, but I seriously cannot wait for Spring. These are my and everybody else's thoughts EVERY damn year.  
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Camel Coat


Wearing: French Connection coat | Sheinside tee | Levi's jeans | Michael Kors boots

Life as a Mom has been a little overwhelming, which explains my lack of posts. So I thank you in advance for stinking around.  

I love being with Gavin. I can't even go grocery shopping without feeling sad that I am leaving his  precious little face home. But at times it's frustrating that I don't have time for myself. You know, girl stuff like, get your hair done, nails done, pick your face, read a book, blog.

You're probably like what does it what to do with fashion or her outfit? Well, it has to do a lot and here's the good part about it. I care less about being on trend. Not that I cared before, but of course with so many bloggers I'd be lying if I wasn't trying to keep up. I started blogging in September 2008, and I did it because I enjoyed it and didn't expect anything out of it, but people took notice and I got to work with some amazing brands and did things I never thought I would ever experience. And for that I am grateful. 

But as mom my style has changed and I find myself more excited shopping for Gavin than for myself.
(I really wished my blog was named THIS IS ME, because my blog has become a Mommy/ personal style blog.) Anyway, I hope you continue to to support me on this new journey. As always, love you all for all the love and support you've shown me for the past almost 7 years. 


Winter White


Shot these photos a little after Christmas to use them for my New Years card which you can see on my instagram account. My 11 year old niece, Aime shot these photos and she did a pretty good job. 
But speaking of Instagram, I just created an account for Gavin. Why? Well, I'm in love with him and I'm constantly wanting to post photos of him, but don't want to take the focus away from my blog. He will still make appearances, duh. But at least on his account I can post as many times as I want!

Support us and follow my little guy @Gavin_lawton
If you have a baby account and want a follow, leave your @name on the comment box.
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Black Turtleneck


Wearing: French Connection turtleneck | AA skirt | SFA boots 

Hello, hello! Happy New Year! I know I'm a little late, but with the holidays, comes family, and with family comes less time on the internet and lots of eating. 

Gosh, I ate so much food and sweets during the holidays. I don't even dare to weigh myself.
Hoping I can get back on track soon. In the meantime wearing all Black will work for me.
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