Camel Coat


Wearing: French Connection coat | Sheinside tee | Levi's jeans | Michael Kors boots

Life as a Mom has been a little overwhelming, which explains my lack of posts. So I thank you in advance for stinking around.  

I love being with Gavin. I can't even go grocery shopping without feeling sad that I am leaving his  precious little face home. But at times it's frustrating that I don't have time for myself. You know, girl stuff like, get your hair done, nails done, pick your face, read a book, blog.

You're probably like what does it what to do with fashion or her outfit? Well, it has to do a lot and here's the good part about it. I care less about being on trend. Not that I cared before, but of course with so many bloggers I'd be lying if I wasn't trying to keep up. I started blogging in September 2008, and I did it because I enjoyed it and didn't expect anything out of it, but people took notice and I got to work with some amazing brands and did things I never thought I would ever experience. And for that I am grateful. 

But as mom my style has changed and I find myself more excited shopping for Gavin than for myself.
(I really wished my blog was named THIS IS ME, because my blog has become a Mommy/ personal style blog.) Anyway, I hope you continue to to support me on this new journey. As always, love you all for all the love and support you've shown me for the past almost 7 years. 



  1. To be a Mom changes indeed the shopping behaviour, I know :) But I love your look with the elegant coat a lot!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. There's no need to explain the changes or new direction of your blog. At the end of the day, there is a human being behind every blog. Human beings with personal lives outside the internet. With babies, pets, husbands/wives, families, etc.

    I followed a food blog for a while. She became pregnant and had a baby, slowed down her posts (which she stated after having the baby that she wouldn't be able to deliver posts everyday like she usually did). She now includes pictures of her baby eating her meals or includes parts of her day, unrelated to food but related to family. Or family and food. I LOVE that you have even chosen to share this part of your life, the part that includes Kevin and Gavin. Its great to see you as a mom! I hope that you continue to post fashion related posts but also personal life updates as well.

    Take care Delmy!

  3. Well, I think you always look trendy while keeping your personal style. So I don't see any diffference now that you are a mummy.
    That coat is really nice, by the way! And camel + stripes is just the best combination!

  4. great coat

    international giveaway on my blog!

  5. Hi Delmy,

    So, this feels a little weird to write, but here goes! I started following your blog way back in July 2011 - I know because I bookmarked your page on that day and get returned to that page (July 28, 2011 to be exact), and I've never commented before. I can't even remember how I happened upon your page. But I kept checking back because I really like your style, obviously, and think you're so lovely. I've often thought about commenting here, especially when you posted during your pregnancy and about losing the baby weight. I can really relate - I just had my first son in May 2014. But now that you're talking about the way motherhood has changed you and has changed your style and the blog, I just feel like I have to write and say that now, more than ever, I really appreciate reading your blog. Like, I really know how you feel! Anyway, this is really long - sorry! - just wanted to say that I hope you keep posting!

  6. I agree with the ladies; there's no need to explain the changes or new direction but we are nonetheless pleased to see the updates and follow your story as well as your passions!

    We are always looking for new bloggers to support, encourage, and collaborate. Keep in touch :)

    Bethany Blackburn
    Senior Exec. Marketing Director of MKCollab Fashion Forward

  7. I love it! Your style is so chic. I love that you make short hair look so good too!

  8. I just became a mother too and I appreciate the new style. I feel the same way, I just got my first long coat (a lot of bending down with baby and stroller) and overall am changing. I too, stuggle with finding me time. Today baby started daycare and I started school. Always support you and you have always been an inspiration.


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