Scooter Booties


I've been a long time fan of Etsy. Every time I want something specific, I look for it on Etsy and I succeed or end up buying more than what I was looking for.  Now sometimes with Gavin, I have a hard time looking for cute clothes for him. Most of them I am just not a fan of or the quality is terrible. I like Gavin to look cute not like a little thug. Anyway, I came across this shop, Scooter Booties by Britt. She makes the most adorable booties. They reasonably priced and with Gavin's chunky feet, I don't have to struggle to get them on him. They're also lined with faux sherpa for your little ones sensitive feet.  

I chose this herringbone print, but I want more!
Check them out, your little one won't disappointed.
   photo xo1.png


  1. The booties are really so cute - and Gavin for sure, too! I love it also to buy at Estsy as I discovered there already the most amazing stuff :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. How cute!

  3. Your boy is so cute! He's looking more and more like you.


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