Casual Walk


Wearing: Zara Coat | Gap sweater | J Brand jeans | Zara hat | Adidas sneakers

Wore this a couple weeks to take a walk with my boys and though it was a bit chilly that day, I do enjoy these little walks with my little family, plus that's when Gavin's really chill. (or when he's watching Seinfeld)  He loves being outside. 

On another note, last night while finally going through my e-mails, one subject line stood out. "Mom Blog or Fashion Blog?" It was from a reader expressing her thoughts on my blog.  She said "I have been a fan of your blog for a couple years and though I never comment I enjoy your style posts very much.  But lately I am not sure the direction your blog is going. It has sort of become a Mom blog

I'm thinking okay, I appreciate her honesty, but then she has the nerve to say "And it's not what I signed up for. Your son is adorable, don't get me wrong, but I want to see more of your outfits. I hope you can appreciate my criticism"

So yes, this blog started out as a personal style blog, but it has always been a place for me to escape. I am not one to pretend that my life is just about dressing up and everything is rainbows and unicorns. (you can follow someone else for that)
I want you to know me as a person. That includes sharing my ups and downs, my family, my life. 
I am happy with the direction it has taken because you guys have been a great support through the good and the bad.  Perhaps I should've named my blog something else. But no one knows the life they're gonna be dealt with. 

With that said, I'm off to work on my next post featuring my familia.
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  1. I enjoy your blog very much and you should post whatever makes you happy, whether it's about your adorable family or fashion! Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi! I have been following your blog for years as well (all the way from France!) and I don't agree with this person. Of course you are now talking about your family and your son as they might be the most important thing in your life. And even if I love fashion I think we getting feel close to a blogger after a long time following her and I like to see what is going on in her life and how they evolve. For some reason all my favorite bloggers became mothers at the same time and still keep to follow their adventures. Dont listen to those people who tell you otherwise. Keep doing what you do !! ;)

  3. Amazing look :)


  4. I'm very proud with how you handled the criticism and if you're going on the 'mom blog' direction, I love it. I can't wait for the familia post.

  5. love the stan smiths

  6. Love this look! So chill and comfy.



  7. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit, which is right up my street! xx

  8. Hi Delmy from one mom to another its not always easy to take care of family and self and yet you are clearly doing a fabulous job of both...Your family is thriving and looks healthy n happy n your sense of style n beauty is still there...i love your blog n admire your beauty n fashion sense...keep up the good work! You show us that moms can still be fashionable! :)

  9. i love this simple chic look, especially the sneakers! I've been on sneakers so hard lately

    C's Evolution of Style

  10. The fact that you basically got a letter of complaint is ridiculous. The whole point of a blog is to get personal, and write whatever you want to write. This is not a magazine. While you've labelled it a fashion blog, you're free to switch it up from day to day, the nature of a blog allows that - it's practically a journal! That's what makes a blog appealing - you let readers into parts of your life and people like that. I got a baby recently too and my blog has evolved to be a little more inclusive - and offers a different variety, because that is what my life has become. We can't fake it.


    You look great. Ha!

  11. I have the same coat from Zara and I love it. Definitely, one of my best purchases for winter.

    Thanks for sharing your family! I know you have haters but I really appreciate seeing that side of your life. It makes you so relatable.

    Yes, she may just be criticizing but your son is your LIFE. And she really needs to respect that. People evolve all the time and so does their work. We wouldn't have so many advancements in life, if it wasn't for revolutions!

    I've followed your blog since 2010 and I LOVE your content. Ignore them. Keep doing you, Delmy.

    xoxo, Debby


  12. Gorgeous I love that hat! x

  13. Well she sounds a bit snotty. While I too started following you awhile ago for the fashion and am not a mom but I don't mind the posts about little Gavin, he's such a cutie. I'll say it for you, If she doesn't like it she can leave.

    Now, on to this outfit. I don't often think to put on white shoes when I wear black bottoms but the way you've put this together looks super chic.

  14. I can't help but laugh at that message. If they were truly your fans as they claim they wouldn't complain about the fact that the blog has evolved. They would be happy like the rest of that you have decided to show us the real you and included us in your life journey and not just show us your outfits. I love the outfits though, that is why I started following you. But I am glad to see how you have changed and how you have grown. Plus, your son is ADORABLE! Keep doing you!


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