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Wearing: American Apparel bodysuit | Christian Louboutin pumps

Usually when I lose weight, I get so excited and celebrate by eating more than I should, you know because all that hard work deserves to be rewarded. But the problem is that I gain some back.
I have lost a total of 50 pounds and these 10 pounds have been a bitch. 
This time I tried a new diet. A banana, peanut butter smoothie with Almond milk and flax seeds. 
One for breakfast and one for lunch, and for dinner any kind of meat with veggies. 
I'm trying to stay away from anything white, like white rice and bread. 

Well, this time I lost 3 pounds and Instead of stuffing my face, I decided, well, Kevin gave me the idea to have a photo shoot that celebrates my new body. Because it is a new body, no matter how much weight I lose, pregnancy changes your body forever. And it's not a bad thing, you just have to love yourself enough to live a healthy life.

Anyway, I pulled out my black bodysuit and posed like these last 7 pounds ain't shit.
 I recommend everyone to do a small sexy shoot. You're definitely gonna want to look back at them when you're 60 and your tits aren't so perky.

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  1. You look great and lucky you to have a man that recognizes that no matter what size you are :)

  2. You look fantastic!

    After having four boys, I can definitely agree with you. Everyone is different though. I cannot hold a pound.... I loose the baby weight too quickly, and even though I am thankful for that, sometimes I wish I can keep some 'junk in my trunk' lol.
    Your baby is adorable, and you look stunning, so keep up the good work.

    C. A.

  3. Seriously girl you are doing the damn thing! One of my good friends is really struggling to lose her baby weight and I told her to check out your blog for inspiration. Your confidence is inspiring.

  4. is so important for us women to feel comfortable in our own skin. I just had a baby 5months ago and it definitely is an adjustment learning how to style my current belly, but nonetheless I love every bit of me and working off what I don't want. Thank you this is so inspiring.

  5. You're looking so beautiful!!!! Inside and outside! Greetings from Germany! Xx

  6. Your shape is everything! By the way, I really appreciate your unapologetic voice, style and confidence. It's inspiring!

    Elle in Bloom

  7. how did you do it? I should try that diet, it's easy and will save me a bunch in grocery bills.

  8. I think you look fantastic!!! What I love more is how you said that no matter how much weight you loose, after having a baby, you have a new body. So well said and as a mom myself I couldn't agree with you more. It's all about your acceptance of yourself and knowing that you are worthy and beautiful no matter what. Time flies and what a shame it would be to look back and see how much time wasted on wishing you were different in any way. I don't know you but look at your blog from time to time and think you come across as an exceptional human being. Best wishes.

  9. I chose this post as my favorite blog post of the week on my blog. I really appreciate that you celebrate your body. This inspires me to be more comfortable with my body as well. I to have quite a bit of junk in my trunk. Thanks Delmy

  10. You look great! I have no children yet, but I love that you love you!! I am SO INSPIRED by this! I always tell myself, "If I don't love me, no one else will." Thank you so much for the reminder!


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