Prom Dresses


Today's topic is Prom dresses. I know, there's still a few months till prom, but while browsing through my Instagram feed I came across Fame & Partners. Since I found them I have fallen in love with lots of their dresses. They're beautiful and affordable. Makes me wish I had gone to my Prom. 
 Yea, I never went to my prom. At that time I wasn't into partying and surprisingly I wasn't into getting dolled up. I'd just look out my window and watch my friends step out in their big Selena bun, (you know what I'm talking about) and their skin tight waist cut out gowns. Maybe if these dresses from Fame & Partners were my choices, I would've gone. Maybe.

Go check them out. Trust me you will love them all, plus you can customize to get the color of your choice! No prom? No worries. You can still get a dress for any other occasion. I know I will. My occasion? Just cause. ;-)
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  1. Wow, really wonderful dresses! Hopefully I will get an invitation for a prom or something similar :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Love the dresses. Unfortunately, my Catholic All Girls School would have never let us wear backless or cut out dresses. But these are sooo great!
    xoxo, Debby



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