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A few posts ago I shared a few Prom dresses with you and today I am sharing one of my picks from Fame & Partners. Whether you're going to your prom or not, Fame & Partners has the dress for you. 
They just added about 100 new styles and I think I need all hundred of them.  Check them out for yourself and enjoy 20% off with code 20FCSL until April 2nd.
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Danae Sandal


Wearing: Zara Blouse | Citizens of Humanity jeans | Zara Hat | Marc Fisher LTD sandals

Took my new Marc Fisher sandals for a stroll in the park. It wasn't quite warm, but I kinda wanted to show them off. I'm not kidding when I say, they are super comfortable. You have to check out the rest of Marc Fisher's collection LTD. They're pretty much Summer's must have. 
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Barbie Pink


Wearing: Zara top | Asos skirt | B Brian Atwood sandals

Posting my last outfit post with Brown hair. Yep, I dyed my hair Black. ( you can check it out here) I love how healthy it feels and the shine on my hair is amazing.  I know you usually go lighter for Summer, but I don't care. I am not following rules.

By the way I have been posting less, because I am finally getting back to decorating our home. After Gavin, Kevin and I put pretty much everything on hold. So now we're on the hunt for new furniture and new decor. Can't wait to show you guys!
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Brown Locks


Wearing: Kai-aakmann jacket | Levi's jeans | Vanessa Mooney choker | Celine sandals

Many of you are curious about my hair color and probably think I get it professionally done, but it's all me. I use L'oreal Preference in UL63. It has been my favorite color for quite some time, but now I've been thinking about dying it Black, but I'm scared because I know that at some point I will want it Brown again, and that will be hard to do. Been there, done that. Anyway, now you know about my magic Brown. :-)
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Just All Black


Wearing: AA bodysuit | AE jeans | Vanessa Mooney necklace | Gucci Sandals

When in doubt, just wear all Black.

By the way, I am slowly trying to add more items to my shop. Go check it out, and if there's something you're interested in that's not in my shop, just give me a shout out. 
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Creamy Ties


Wearing: American Apparel bodysuit | Madewell skirt (old) | J.CREW earrings | Marc Jacob sandals

Besides a white tee and a pair of skinny jeans, this is another favorite of mine, pairing a bodysuit and midi skirt. It's always so simple, but so classic and elegant. 

On another note, I have been feeling like crap, but you know a mother doesn't get a break,  so I have to tough it out. And to top it off, I slipped in my shower shaving my legs and I have a terrible bruise on my arm, which I tried to cover in the photos. Its just too disgusting to look at, but if you're curious I posted it on my Instagram page
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Floral Midi


Wearing: Zara cardigan | Asos dress | Kors boots

We still have a lot of snow, but at least it wasn't too cold and I was able to dress up a bit and enjoy my Saturday with my two babes. It's exactly what I needed, a fresh of breath air.

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Shop Fashion Bananas

Just created a small shop and added some shoes. Hope you check it out. As a matter of fact go check it out!  
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I'm all about designer shoes, but I'm also about a bargain. Being that I'm excited for warmer weather, I began to browse a few sites just to see what's new and I came across these Mango sandals. The second I saw them, I said to myself "omg the Gucci sandals!" I've been wanting these Gucci Canday sandals so bad, but now with Gavin and owning a house, Kevin and I are a little more conscious about how we spend our money. I mean I really could've kicked myself in the ass, if I had purchase the Gucci ones only to find these Mango ones. 

Yes, I know,  Obvi the Gucci ones are better quality, but the Mango ones are still real leather and in my opinion they're just as pretty. 

Now it's your turn to go for the steal or go for the splurge. Either way enjoy your new sandals and you are very welcomed!
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Wearing: H&M top | Asos jeans | Paul & Betty pumps

So I have a new pair of boyfriend jeans aka maternity jeans, well they're not maternity jeans. When I was about 7 months pregnant I purchased these from Asos one size bigger and now they have become my boyfriends jeans. This is why I stress to all pregnant women, do not buy a lot of maternity clothes, just go up a size or two. You may be able to still wear them after. ;-)

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Tomato Red Skirt


Wearing: J.CREW top | Zara skirt | Valentino pumps

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