I'm all about designer shoes, but I'm also about a bargain. Being that I'm excited for warmer weather, I began to browse a few sites just to see what's new and I came across these Mango sandals. The second I saw them, I said to myself "omg the Gucci sandals!" I've been wanting these Gucci Canday sandals so bad, but now with Gavin and owning a house, Kevin and I are a little more conscious about how we spend our money. I mean I really could've kicked myself in the ass, if I had purchase the Gucci ones only to find these Mango ones. 

Yes, I know,  Obvi the Gucci ones are better quality, but the Mango ones are still real leather and in my opinion they're just as pretty. 

Now it's your turn to go for the steal or go for the splurge. Either way enjoy your new sandals and you are very welcomed!
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