Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother's day is around the corner and I wanted to share my must haves for every momma out there.
 As a new mom, I am more into flats. I love my heels, but now that I have to run after Gavin, I usually wear them for 2-3 hours max. So ditch those 4 inch heels and enjoy your Summer in these comfy sandals.

 I have to carry snacks, water, my cellphone, camera, diapers, wipes, etc
Shit, sometimes I even have to carry snacks for Kevin. So I don't know about guys, but I am just about ready to ditch my diaper bag and go for one of these roomy tote bags.

Every mom needs to feel comfortable in this hot weather, and if you have an energetic toddler like me, you will be doing lots of walking and running because you're not planning on staying home right? Right, so you'll need a light breezy comfortable dress for all the fun activities.

Hope you like my picks! I know I want everything.
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  1. I love the dresses!


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