Baby Vibes


Wearing: Free People top | Levis jeans | Vans sneaks

When I put this outfit together I originally had heels on, but I wanted feel comfortable so I threw on the first pair of sneakers I saw and well, ended up looking a bit like something Baby from Dirty Dancing would wear. What do you guys think?

And oh yea, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!
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Birthday Wishlist


1. Blk DNM Jacket | 2. Rag & Bone hat | 3. Club Monaco boots | 4. Suede Vans | 5. Canon lense | 6. Nike Roshe | 7&8. Anthropologie  tops | 9. Michael Kors boots

 This Monday is my birthday. I am turning 33 ya'll. AY! Anyway, since Gavin's Birthday is just a week before mine it kinda makes me forget about my birthday, which is good. :-)

 Speaking of Gavin's birthday, It was this past Sunday and it was a success despite the fact that Mickey Mouse looked a little bogus. I'll be sharing some photos soon and you'll see for yourself. 
For now here's my birthday wishlist. Go Virgos!
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Tropical Lady


Wearing: American Apparel top | Kimchi Blue skirt | Ava & Aiden wedges

Gavin's birthday is this coming Sunday and Kevin and I are going a little nuts betweens home renovations and trying to get everything together for Gavin's Mickey Mouse themed party. So here's a quick post. Just a little something I wore last week when it was sweaty ass hot.
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For the Curves


Wearing: Zara top | Levis 501's | Paul & Betty sandals

After losing most of weight, I decided it was time for some new jeans. You know, new jeans for the new mom butt. Anyway, purchased about Seven pairs of Levi's because they're always the best fit for my body. But these 501's are so far my favorite.
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Wearing: Sincerely Jules tee | Levis jeans | Steve Madden sandals

Basics for the cool mom on the go.
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Casual and Flirty


Wearing: Zara top | my fave vintage leather skirt | Free People sandals

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Just Stripes


Wearing: Zara dress | B Brian Atwood sandals

Purchased this dress about 2 months ago and I am just now wearing it,
because 2 months ago I kinda had a kangaroo pouch. haha. Speaking of kangaroo pouch,  you guys are always asking me how I have lost the weight and there's no secret or crazy work out regime. I just eat less and keep busy with Gavin, However, I am constantly going up and down with my weight. Some days I'm feeling myself and some days I'm just like wtf is wrong with your body Delmy?! 
So with that said, eat whatever the hell you want just in moderation.
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Zara top | American Apparel pants | Marc Jacobs sandals

It's been a while since I posted, I know. I just haven't had the energy to get dressed up or even go out. Been feeling weak, dizzy and tired for the past few days. So pretty soon I'll be going to see my doctor to see whats up. Anywyay, enjoy my shades of Blue.
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