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Spent my Labor Day Weekend in Atlantic City and noticed when I put my bathing suit on that I looked extra curvy. I've been off my diet and I have not weighed myself in a while.  

Anyway, I weighed myself yesterday morning and it turns out I gained 7 pounds! I know, you can totally see it in these photos, but I'm not complaining. I kinda like it. However, I will have to eat healthier to prevent from gaining more.
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  1. Girl, you look great! I'm trying to get like you!

  2. Thim Slick is stunning!! Most wouldn't want to state that they gained weight. I love that you carry it well, like a crown!

    I had to share this story: I've stopped weighing myself back in March when we moved and I tossed out (read: forgot to pack) my scale. I noticed I've actually lost some pounds when I tried one a pair of shorts I saw myself wearing in my Timehop 5 years ago... and they fit after I couldn't even get them over my thighs this June! #firstWorldProblems lol

    xxxo, Vanessa (_vuhnessa on Insta)

  3. You look amazing! This look looks great on you too.


    Milan at

  4. Honey you look great. You have a woman body not a teenager. Your body been through child birth and it still look damn good. Appreciate it and continue to werk it.

  5. this is a cute yet sexy look!!! you rocking it girl!! xx

  6. You!!! Your body is amazing and so beautiful! Constantly impressive. <3

  7. Girl you look AMAZEBALLS!!! However I totally understand wanting to stay at a comfortable and healthy weight and eating healthy.

  8. Can you tell us what diet you were on please?


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