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Sorry, but I had to share. I have finally lost my baby weight and I am so proud of myself because I can now wear all my size 6 clothes that didn't fit. It has taken me forever to lose my baby weight, and not because I couldn't, but because I have no self control. Those that know me know that I love to pig out. Anyway, I decided to make that change and lose the last 7 pounds I needed to lose. It may not seem like a lot, but it is. It's like carrying a baby!

So I changed my way of eating. I eliminated bread. Snacked on lots veggies, ate only chicken and fish and drank lots of water. Kevin always has chocolate at night, and his bad habit has rubbed off on me, so every now and then I'd have a fun size milky way. haha

Now to maintain my weight it will all about portion control...until I'm knocked up again. 

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Baby Pink


Madewell turtleneck | Vintage leather skirt | Zara pumps

Yes, you are correct. This is the Ikea background. I wore this to go hunt for Gavin's big boy bed. 
I thought I'd stand out with my outfit, but another lady took away my throne by wearing a Blue velvet cutout dress.
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Preppy Penny


Zara turtleneck | Zara skirt | Bass Loafers

These Bass loafers will forever be my favorite.
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A stroll in Inglesina


Madewell sweater | Levis jeans | Kors by Michael Kors Boots

So Gavin had upgrade on his stroller. Pretty soon he won't need it, but that's not an issue because God willing his little future sibling will be able to use it too. (No, I'm not pregnant)

It's an Inglesina Stroller handmade in Italy. It's very light and easy to fold, without being afraid you're gonna pinch your fingers and it's reversible, so your little one can face you, while you make funny faces. :-D And I'd say it's pretty chic.

Gavin has the Trilogy stroller in denim.
So if you're in search of a good quality stylish stroller, check out Inglesina.

I love the stroller and I think Gavin does too. Thank you Inglesina!
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Flare in my Step


Zara blouse | Zara jeans | Lily Jade bag | Madewell pumps

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Lily Jade


Wearing; Zara turtleneck | Zara Culottes | Lily Jade bag | Sam Edelman pumps

Since I started carrying a diaper bag, I kind of gave up on using any other bag.  At first I wasn't too fond of my floral bag clashing with all my outfits, then I just didn't care anymore. However, my search for a cute Black leather diaper bag continued.  

I always came across Nylon ones, which I am not crazy about and I guess I could've just used a large tote, but the momma's know that we need all those compartments to store snacks, toys, extra clothes, diapers, and even our stuff, otherwise we're just going crazy trying to find anything at the bottom of our bags.

Here's where the mother of all diaper bags comes in, my beautiful Lily Jade diaper bag!  The leather is buttery soft, it doesn't look like a diaper bag, which compliments my ensembles, I could wear it as backpack, (will show in another post) and I could fit all of Gavin's necessities and then some!

So for all the Momma's and Momma's to be, check out Lily Jade to for Stylist Diapers bags.

Stylish diaper bag equals happy mom and happy mom equals happy baby. ;-)
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Hush Puppies


Wearing: AE old leather jacket | Levis jeans | Hush Puppies booties

Remember those Hush Puppies booties I raved about? Well, here they are and they're freaking amazing! I had Hush Puppies in High School and wore them till they were tore up. I can't believe it took me more than a decade to get a new pair.
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