A stroll in Inglesina


Madewell sweater | Levis jeans | Kors by Michael Kors Boots

So Gavin had upgrade on his stroller. Pretty soon he won't need it, but that's not an issue because God willing his little future sibling will be able to use it too. (No, I'm not pregnant)

It's an Inglesina Stroller handmade in Italy. It's very light and easy to fold, without being afraid you're gonna pinch your fingers and it's reversible, so your little one can face you, while you make funny faces. :-D And I'd say it's pretty chic.

Gavin has the Trilogy stroller in denim.
So if you're in search of a good quality stylish stroller, check out Inglesina.

I love the stroller and I think Gavin does too. Thank you Inglesina!
  photo xo1.png


  1. love your boots


  2. I'd love to try this one for number 2. With my current one we'be had to change strollers 3 times. No bueno.

    Anyway great outfit too.



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