Gavin usually takes his naps in my bed without me, and I noticed that he sleeps a lot longer in my bed than he does in his crib. So I thought it was time for him to have his big boy bed. This was a hard process for me. I cried the first night I left him in his room. I felt like I was losing my baby, but on the upside, his first night was success. He slept 12 hours and Kevin and I were happy proud parents. 

Now lets talk about decor. I've never been into cartoon character themes, because kids are always changing their minds. One day is Elmo, another day is Alvin and the Chipmunks and momma don't have times for that. Anyway, I wanted a monochromatic room with little pops of color, something that would still be age appropriate years from now.  

My favorite area is his bed. The cute art from Minted really completed his room. 
If you're looking for some children art or any kind of art, you must check out Minted. They carry art from independent artists from all over the world. You can also personalized them with your child name just like I did!

I am so happy the way his room turned out and most importantly that he loves it. 
Thank you Minted for your contribution in Gavin's room!

Shop Gavin's Room 
Anthropologie Dog knobs-sold out (similar here)  
Sofa- (similar here)
Gavin's Bird sweater -Kid and Kind

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  1. Gavin, may I have your blue sofa please? I love his room!

  2. This is a great little boys room. I love the use of the more mature black and white colors scheme and not the normal blues, greens, and yellow seen in kids rooms.

  3. I love the room!! It looks amazing.. Do you mind me asking where you got the bed from? Didn't see a link for that.. Thanks :-)

  4. Gavin is such a cutie pie! I LOVE his room and that teepee...awww maaan that's the coolest ever!

  5. Delmy, you really have to get out of my head! Asher has a similar room with the same bedding, tent and poster as Gavin. I love the black and white room :)


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