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Family is important to me. Especially building a relationship with my nieces and nephews, that's why I use to visit Kansas City every year, sometimes two, but after having Gavin and my mom getting sick, life became too difficult to manage. When Kevin proposed this road trip, I wasn't really up for it, but when he mentioned we'd make a stop to visit my family, I was in. I only stayed for a day and a half, but it was the best day and a half. 

My sweetest dearest niece Cathy treated Kevin and I for Brunch, which was very nice since it has always been me treating her haha. Gavin met a few of his cousins, he was very friendly despite that he's never met them. It was just all love.

I'm trying to go back in the Spring and spend at least a week with family. My main goal now is to get my whole family together with my Mami.  I'd say it's all I want for Christmas.
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  1. So nice that you had a great time with your family!
    Love the skirt, you look beautiful as always:)


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